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Midwest / Re: North Dakota route
« on: May 25, 2010, 05:54:02 pm »
   I forgot to mention.  The reason I am suggesting this alternate route is because highway 20 North of Warwick is closed because Devils Lake has flooded it.  You can't go that way at all.  If you are coming from the East watch for a left turn at the curve about a mile South of Warwick.  That will go directly to Eddy county highway 1.   Head West to Sheyenne and Highway 281. 

Midwest / Re: North Dakota route
« on: May 08, 2010, 12:18:32 am »
  You can get food in Sheyenne, ND at the Cenex station or the bar.  There is a nice little cafe in Tolna, ND but it is 2 miles North of the highway (15) you would be traveling on.  Tolna has a ok campground though.  Nothing but a bar in Pekin, ND.  Mcville has a Cenex gas station with a pretty good food station, and there is a cafe in town about a block North of the highway on main street.  If you go South from Pekin on ND Highway 1 you won't get a decent place to stop until cooperstown.  Binford is ok & has a cafe, but it is a mile West of the highway.  Sheyenne, and McVille and Pekin are all right on the highway. 

   ND Highway 20 SE of Devils Lake, ND is closed.   In addition to that, Highway 57 along Devils Lake from Ft. Totten to the Highway 20 junction will be getting a major rise do to the rising lake. 
   I recommend that riders head South from the jct of Highway 281 and 57 to Sheyenne, ND.  Then you can turn East on Eddy county road #1.  It is easy to find.  Just watch for a big green sign that says "WARSING DAM" along highway 281 as you head South through Sheyenne.  Stay on that road about 20 miles and you will hook back up with highway 20 about a mile South of Warwick, ND.  Warsing Dam is has a decent park you can camp in also. Primitive camping with outhouses.   Food is available at the bar or Cenex gas station in Sheyenne. 
    This alternate route will also shorten your trip a little. 

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