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General Discussion / What really is Adventure?
« on: August 20, 2004, 12:37:00 am »
Adventure is feeling a sense of freedom in your heart that
makes you feel a sense electricity all over your body.  
Echoes of doing something  unsafe, new, and not knowing
what's around the corner come to my mind.   Being alone
always helps that adventurous feeling ring out through your
body.  I remember hiking the appalachian trail and getting my
wallet stolen leaving the group of guys I hiked with and
hichhiking and hiking from Vermont back to Jersey and back,
that felt exciting and bizarre at the same time.  What does not
make me think of adventure are words like "Catering, cold
beer or anything for that matter that gives a sense of safety.
"Many men cannot see the open Road"  Led Zep...   It is our
job to show them!!!

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