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General Discussion / Re: What cyclists see, and nobody else.
« on: September 04, 2021, 08:24:44 am »
It was a very large snapping turtle. Shell was at least 2'. A motorist and I both stopped. I tried to pick it up by the back of the shell to move it out of harms' way. The thing went nuts. So strong. I dropped it like a bad habit. Add "Picking up a large snapping turtle" to the list of things I will never try again.
County maintenance guy ...  responds "You can't hurt these things." He finally got it off into the grass.
You got me wondering something about turtles that has occurred to me in the past when I see 'em crossing the road,
what other critter travels so well 'self-contained/fully loaded?' Answer: Bike Tourist?

General Discussion / Re: Staying out of the breakdown lane; staying safe
« on: September 01, 2021, 09:06:25 am »
I've a few questions for those who've done long tours. 
(1.)  Do you carry spray lube for derailleurs or just do the best you can with liquid?
(2.)  Assume you've been on the road for 1,000 miles, your bike is running just fine, but you have another 1,500 miles to go.  There's a bike shop ahead.  Would you stop to have your chain and cassette degreased/cleaned? 
(3.)  Do riders typically plan town stops in places with a bike shop to have that and other adjustments done that require more than a multi tool?
(4.)  I'm studying Park Tool videos more intently than I ever prepped for the GRE.  My goal is to be competent in changing tires, adjusting brakes and derailleurs, and replacing cables.  Any other repair skills that you consider "must know" before doing a long tour?

Keep in mind that I'm going solo. Any and all comments and suggestions would be most welcome.
(1.) Small can of WD-40 spray.  To everyone who reviles the use of WD-40 ~ yes, I know it is not technically a lub; however, it is light, slippery and stands for 'Water Repellent.'  Light and slippery for me has worked well for years.  I'll spray about every 4 days .... more if I am in a lot of rain.
(2.) Every 1000 I pick up a small degreaser aerosol foaming spray-on from the auto depart. of Walmart ... spray it on and find a hose & wash off.  Done.
(3.) I do not.
(4.) When I had my 1st flat I discovered : ) that the average frame mounted pump would actually not adequately re-pressurize my tires.  Hence I looked into both the most robust frame pump I could find, as well as, air pressurized cans (with the cans I learned I would lose a lot of air from the can as I fumbled around trying to get it properly seated on the value stem - hence, had to consider carrying enough cans with me to make up for my ineptitude - gave up on cans as it was easier to just keep a great pump on the frame.).

General Discussion / Re: What cyclists see, and nobody else.
« on: August 31, 2021, 08:13:25 am »
Oh yeah, the last post reminds me that I see turtles shufflin' cross the road from time to time.

General Discussion / Re: What cyclists see, and nobody else.
« on: August 25, 2021, 07:19:36 am »
I think we trigger the imagination of some people.
Have had folks tell me such was the case.

General Discussion / Re: What cyclists see, and nobody else.
« on: August 02, 2021, 09:00:22 am »
Am always seeing work gloves and shoes.... and, oh yeah, never a pair of either, just 'singles' ....
thus, no reason for me to try any on for size : ).
Most valuable item I ever came across was a wrench!
Wait! .... I did find a $5.00 bill blowin' about somewhere.
One time, when traveling Montana along the Northern Tier back in about  '09,
I kept seeing a little wooden cross every few miles.
When I picked one up and took a closer look, it offered some element of information whereby I was able to email the person who was placing the crosses .....
and I inquired, " 'what gives' with the crosses?" 
The respondent advised me that she was walking the perimeter states of the USA lower 48, had almost completed the trek, and was half way across Texas when my email reached her.

Bikecentennial / Re: Trans Am ride in 2026?? 50th anniversary ..!!
« on: August 01, 2021, 07:46:11 am »
...Some of how well the anniversary excites people may be how big of a deal the 250th anniversary of the constitution is in our country. 
I remember the bicentennial year being a really big deal.
Fascinating consideration, Stae ....
yeah ... your comment is helping me recall the level of enthusiasm back then...
It had a bearing then, and, it makes sense that it would at 250.

General Discussion / Re: C&O trail
« on: August 01, 2021, 07:34:03 am »
With ZERO political ANYthing in mind ....
a purely objective question ....
does anyone happen to know if any of the "infra-structure" type bills
presently being 'considered' in Washington DC
have any funding for our national parks
(which, I'd guess, would include the C&O?)?

8min 46sec vid if interested. 
West to east starting Aug.1 ~  40 days estimated.

General Discussion / Re: C&O trail
« on: July 30, 2021, 08:01:03 am »
I am currently riding the C&O from Cumberland to DC.  IMO this .....
While it is sad to hear of the current status, I am appreciative of your update of C&O realities, Aggie.

Bikecentennial / Re: Trans Am ride in 2026?? 50th anniversary ..!!
« on: July 26, 2021, 08:06:52 am »
Glorious notion Bill that I surely hope happens.
I doubt I'd any longer be able to keep up with the herd;
however, will be staying up to date with all the progress
as it advances coast to coast.

Intersting discussion. . What say you? Just curious.
Based on reading years of postings herein,
I know that amongst y'all, that I am 'odd man out' with what I am about to express;
however, my m.o. is to most always just simply yield to cars & trucks, when : ) I have a choice,
Cause if they do not yield to me,
then I am possibly dead, or worse....
and, resultingly, may possibly not be doing much more cycling of any sort.

Generally speaking, if the road is rideable, I think it is safer to ride the road than a sidewalk.
Concur 100% with "if."

Sidewalk information well taken ....
thank you ....

Btw, police in my riding venues, tell me that they are happiest when cyclists ride the sidewalks
cause it means less traffic accidents with which they have to address.

Meanwhile, sort of the converse of your comments on drivers pulling out into traffic,
& comparably valuable to me to keep in mind,
is drivers coming into parking lots from either lane, & are, also, crossing over the sidewalk,
& can be in a red hot hurry
& they are not thinking about: 'Hey, maybe there is somebody moving along on the sidewalk that they may wack.'
I have witnessed the red hot hurry part most frequently when the driver is in the far lane
& endeavoring to cross the closer lane to me .....
& do so before the oncoming traffic wacks them ....
At this point, low on their list is wondering about is: 'Yo? Is there a bicycler on the sidewalk?'

Speaking of occasionally avoiding getting wacked,
here is something else I have never ever knowingly read about in books or seen posted related to which I have had some close calls...
Re. 2 lane roads ~ there have been occasions where I have pulled out into the lane in which I wished to travel
that had, of course (duh? : ), no traffic that would wack me;
however, from outta nowhere a car that is passing another vehicle pulls into my lane. 
In doing so, neither he/she or I are expecting such to occur &, now, it is suddenly time for quick response on my part.

Which brings to mind another something or related other, of which I have never considered?
ARE there safety considerations that I should be wondering about
that are specific to A.I. driven vehicles,
since their presence is growing in number ..... sidewalk or road or anywheres : ), for that matter?

What type of preparation is necessary in terms of riding experience*?
What built out my *"riding experience" learning curve and confidence faster than anything else
was doing a 'supported cross a state' type of ride.
Examples are and
I found a great book, Essential Touring Cyclist - still available from Adventure Cycling ...
tho said to be getting a little dated as far as what is what with electronics gear ...
it remains a great classic knowledge + thinking all thru / planning template so that
one knows what one does and does not know before 1st launch, solo or otherwise.
The above combination proved to be everything I needed to let it rip.
Meanwhile, .... offered as simply another truism for me
has always been that, while the above enabled me to confidently 'take the touring bike by the handlebars' : ),
I have never not learned a whole lotta of new things with every tour, short or long ....
part of my motivation to keep tourin' as long as I can fog a mirror.
Best of wishes and send us updates on your progress?

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