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Gear Talk / Re: Shoes/pedals for a cross country ride?
« on: October 23, 2015, 04:42:15 pm »
I just finished a ride from San Diego to Phx Az. I used clipless shimano touring shoes with a walkable rubber sole .. There were some spots that I had to push my bIke up hills .. Even though the shoe cleats are recessed in the sole they still came in contact with the roadway and you could hear and feel the grinding of the small pebbles against the metal cleats .. Hearing and feeling that gave cause to the thought ..was I damaging the cleat and thus creating a potential problem .. The other "Con" I found was while in granny gear stopped on a busy road with heavy traffic (semi's included) companied with a significant grade and narrow shoulder "Clicking" back into the pedal was precarious and down right dangerous at times .. I have since re evaluated my pedal choice and have switched over to Blackspire flat pedals which I think will  alleviate those issues .. I should mention that I have always cycled with clip or clipless pedals ..but for touring I think I,m making a change ..Glenn

I am looking for opinions on mounting 4 Ortlieb Water bottle cages on my Ortlieb classic Back roll panniers (front and rear) .. I purchased the cages to carry extra water when I might need to. I was using a 100oz camelback .. But the combined weight on my back (15-18 lbs.)seemed to (maybe) contribute to more saddle discomfort ... That being said I ol was thinking about mounting 2 bottle cages on each of the front panniers .. Each cage carries 25 ounces of water weighing approximately 1 lb 12 oz. so I would be increasing each front panniers by about 3 lbs. 8 oz (if my math is right) . I could mount a single water bottle cage on each pannier .. Thoughts please .. Thanks Glenn

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / ipad mini
« on: August 18, 2015, 03:51:32 pm »
I am planning to leave on the southern tier west to east in Oct 2015 .. I will be taking my iPad mini along with the aca maps .. does anyone know if you can download the gps waypoints from aca website onto the mini .. thank you Glenn

Gear Talk / Re: Bob Yak Trailer? XCountry tour, thoughts?
« on: April 07, 2014, 12:38:07 am »
I have a BOB .. one of the cons I encountered was I had to be very much aware of keeping the bike vertical when I stopped or dismounted .. if I leaned the bike to much when dismounting the weight of the BOB would also start to fall and it became clumbersome to try and keep it upright .. this just added unnessary stress since the BOB is attached to the rear dropouts of the bike one does not need to bend one for no reason other than carelessness on the part of the rider which was me .. once I dismount successfully I would set my double legged bike kickstand then keeping one hand on the bike at all times I would make my way back to the BOB .. now the BOB is balancing on its rear wheel and is dependant on the bike to keep it upright .. you dont have a lot of wiggle room here .. the BOB needs a kickstand of sorts or you need to stradle the BOB if you are going to try and get anything out of its' dry bag .. while it is still connected to the bike .. and yes you can lean  the bike and the trailer against something solid if it is available buy you know thats not always the case .. so just know there are some inherent issues when stopping and or dismounting when using a trailer .. also I ran into a problem when I used a motel and the room was on the second floor .. either the bike or the trailer goes up first leaving one unattended .. like a lot of us I have a lot of money and time invested in both my gear and bike ... I just added a bit more concerns .. Now when I was moving I didnt even know it was there .. it was easy to pull .. easy to negotiate most tight squeezes .. although there were some that dismounting was necessary.. this next tour I am trying Panniers for those reasons mentioned .. and I probably wont like the added wind resistance that I pick up with the Panniers .. we will see .. One practice I do when riding is I carry a 12" velcro cinch strap that I use to secure the front wheel to the "down tube" this keeps the front wheel straight ...hope this helps a bit .. Glenn in Phx.   

As for me I would not go on a Tour without my weapon  .. I carry Mace for dogs and people who I can not talk down out of an agitated state of mind .. I carry my weapon  for those who might decide to do me harm with some type of weapon .. the only one who will see my weapon would be the  attacker .. It absolutely sickens me as to what happened to those cyclists in India  .. if only one or both of them had something to protect themselves with the out come probably would have been different .. Glenn

Gear Talk / Re: Panniers
« on: March 16, 2013, 05:07:45 pm »
I am going along with Bike Freak .. I recently met up with two tourers who where using Arkels and I found it very convinent that they could lay their Panniers on the hotel bed and unzip the entire side and easily see and find what they were looking for .. for me that seemed to be a stress reducer ... Glenn

I am going to do the Pacific Tier this May .. 2 yrs ago I started it with my daughter [pulling 2 Bob Ibex trailers] but unfortunetly she developed a knee problem and we had to stop the trip after only a 100 miles. I found that the  trailer pulled very nicely behind our Cannondale T-1000 touring bikes .. I didn't feel like it added much wind resistance .. on the steep declines I remained vigilant about how the trailer was reacting to speed so I limited it to a top speed of 30mph .. I probably could have gone faster .. the trailer never gave me any indication it was going to be a problem at any speed .. I was just leary ... I am using Panniers this time and I will be also watching my down hill speed .. I am abit concerned on the wind resistance the Panniers my cause .. what I did not like about the trailer was .. when you stop, get off the bike and try and put the 2-leg kickstand down it became clumbersome because you are lifting part of the weight in the trailer as you are getting the rear wheel off the ground .. once the bike was on the kickstand if the trailer falls to one side or the other it will pull the bike down with it .. a solution might be a Click Stand which leans the bike and trailer to one side or the other that could possibly work .. working out of the large bag was not optimum .. trying to sort through gear when the trailer was attached to the bike would enevitably make the bike unstable and cause it to fall ..  if you motel at any time getting the bike and trailer through the door is more challenging and if its upstairs that is another set of difficulties the trailer will cause... to remove & replace the trailer bag while attached to the bike I found to be a pain .. so I am going to use Panniers on this trip and see how I fair with those .. I found the trailer caused or a least increased my anxiety when the bike would tip over or I'd just catch the bike in time ect...I dont know .. I am hoping Panniers will smooth out some of this frustration for me ... we will see.....Glenn

Gear Talk / Grand Trunk Bamboo Sleeping Bag Liner
« on: March 16, 2013, 01:28:27 pm »

I was wondering if anyone out there has used one of these or knows of anyone who may have used one .. I am thinking of pairing  it with a Montbell Super Sprial 30* Down bag and since the Montell boasts of "stretching" I didnt want to get a liner that would defeat the ability of the bag to stretch .. thanks Glenn

General Discussion / Re: What do you use for sunscreen?
« on: July 03, 2012, 01:13:14 am »
Well I live in Phx Az. so I am very famila with the heat .. I dont wear sun screen for the same reasons you mentioned .. but I do wear leg and arm protection .. if i am going to be on the bike more that 1/2 hour ... i have found these to be the best protection so far ...
I also ride a Goldwing MC in the heat and found soaking ones shirt with water will help break the heat .. carry a couple extra water bottles for squirting down your arms and legs will help with the heat .. Glenn

Gear Talk / Re: BOB Trailer Ibex storage versus YAK
« on: September 29, 2011, 12:29:24 am »
Have you considered this single wheeled trailer .. I belive it will break down and possible fit your needs... just a thought ....

Gear Talk / Re: Front rack
« on: August 05, 2011, 01:55:29 am »
her is a pic of my T-1000 with a Nitto large front rack that i am very happy with

Well I would really like to thank all of you for helping me out and your ideas on how to mount the topeak large 1.5 litre water bottle cage...during my search i came across this item and noticed it was hindged so it will go around the top tube and i can remove the pulley and mount the cage where the pulley was i posted a link and i think this will work .. Glenn in Phx.

the brackets are pictured on the 2 row down 4th to the left the bracket on the right has the number 9B4 printed in white on the upper left corner next to the tightenning bolt opposite the bolt that actually attaches the cage itself to the bracket

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