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Underground Railroad / UGRR Map #51, Accommodaitons
« on: June 10, 2009, 11:03:20 pm »
 I have been concerned about accommodations for cyclists passing
> through the Peninsula and Hudson, Ohio area ever since the hostel in
> Peninsula.,OH closed, so I looked around for alternate accommodations and found
> these:
> Ohio Motel: it is located about 0.5 miles south of the route on
> Cleveland- Massilon Rd. in Bath, Oh.  It is listed  on the UGRR map
> #51 service directory, but I think you should know that the rate is
> $40.00/ night for 2.  The rooms are small, but well kept and include
> a fridge and microwave.  The downside is that they only accept cash
> and because of problems with clientele from former truck terminals in
> the area, require a $50.00 cash damage deposit at checkout which is
> returned at checkout of there is no damage.
> Silver Springs Campground, 5238 Young Rd., Stow Oh.  This is a nice
> CG with gassy areas and a picnic shelter.  But, it only has
> porta-potties and no showers although there is water at spigots
> around the area.  The rate is $12/nite /site for non-residents and
> each site can accommodate 6 persons. This CG is located just a little
> off route just south of Hudson, OH. in Stow.  EB access is either by
> the Summit Metroparks Bike Hike Trail accessed from SR 303  just
> before the Intersection with SR 8  (the trail crosses Young Rd. just
> 0.25m south of the park entrance) or by going south on SR91/Darrow
> Rd. from the center of Hudson to Barlow Rd., left on Barlow 
> Rd. and then right on Young Rd.  WB cyclists can access the CG either
> by turning left onto Stow Rd. just prior to Hudson and then left onto
> Barlow Rd. and right onto Young Rd. or by riding into Hudson and then
> going south on SR 91/Darrow Rd. to Barlow Rd. and Young Rd.There is a multitude of services
> (food etc.) along Darrow Rd. The only problem with cyclists
> accessing/egressing by the trail or Stow Rd. is that they miss going
> through a VERY richly attractive old town.
> Incidentally,  The Inn at Brandywine Falls list as B&B under services
> for Peninsula (map # 51) is best accessed by going north on the
> Summit Metroparks Bike Hike Trail from its intersection with SR 303
> just west of SR 8.

Underground Railroad / More Medina Ohio
« on: May 11, 2009, 11:41:10 am »
Be certain to refer to the addenda for Map 50 and the Medina detail.  The original map detail is incorrect.

Underground Railroad / Medina OHio
« on: May 11, 2009, 11:30:43 am »
Hello All

As you ride through Medina,Ohio (map 50, detail) you will note  the route zig zags through town - for a purpose.  The large white house  (324 E. Washington St.) on the southeast corner of S. Jefferson St. and E.Washington St. was the H.G. Blake house in UGRR times.  It was a major station on the UGRR, and being 1 block from the County courthouse, harboring slaves took place under the noses of the County Commissioners and judiciary.  The slaves were hidden in a large barn behind the house which is now gone.  Another station was the yellow house across from the cemetary on the northeast corner of E Liberty and Spring Grove St.  Slaves were hidden in a cavity  under the floor in the living room.

Anthony Ratajczak

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