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According to the article there apparently was a manufacturing defect.  No matter what the material if there is a defect it will fail.  That includes metal. 

Aggie, that is true, but metal or aluminum will show warning signs. Well, I will have to see what I decide about forks, but I do love the lightness of carbon for sure.

A friend of mine just very recently witness an almost fatal bike accident, where the front carbon forks on a cyclist bike collapsed without warning! It made be think about my Bianchi cyclocross with carbon forks. It also makes me wonder about the long term durability of carbon components and carbon bikes. Any way, please look at the link below and give me your expert opinion..
As it stands, I already have 5000 miles on my Bianchi cyclocross, and I will be changing the forks, but I am thinking for aluminum. I know this may sound like a silly question, but are there titanium forks, and if so, do any of you have experience with such forks? Thank you Lily

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