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General Discussion / Re: What state is your favorite to ride in?
« on: June 06, 2017, 12:26:07 pm »
The state of bliss.

Northwest Point bus service from downtown Portland -

Portland  -  9:20a      6:10p
Astoria    - 12:18p     9:05p

Q: Can I bring my bicycle?
A: Yes! Purchase a bicycle ticket to reserve space for your bicycle, as the bus is limited to three bicycles per trip. A bike box is not necessary and the bicycle is stored in the luggage bay with the luggage. The cost is $5 per bicycle, in addition to your paid fare.

Please check with local USFS ranger stations about snow  pack, roads, and campgrounds.
Much of central Idaho has 200% or more of snow pack this spring with slow melting.
Also flooding is a problem in many places - with roads and bridges out.

Current Snotel map of the West - (click numeric at bottom for specific percentages)

Boise National Forest -

Lawsy, chile - you be sweatin' like a pig come Missouri.
And roasting in Kansas. You ain't never seen hot like Dorothyland.
(But have fun, fo sho.)

Congrats, SB!

Highway 4 in the California Sierras has grades up to 28%.

Early to mid June start from the east coast would be fine.
Expect some serious heat in Kansas - nothing like the U.K.
On such days - start before sunrise and stop by noon.
Safe travels!

So sorry to hear about your loss, SB.

I began my fist X-USA trip on Sept 1 from Astoria - west-to-east.
Mostly lovely weather until the very end - but days got really short.
A later start lends itself to a west-to-east trip.
As above, I wouldn't do east-to-west much after July 1.
Even than, you will have brutal, hot, muggy weather for 2000 miles.
A west-to-east trip starting in July or August can be ideal.
The hottest summer weeks will be in the mountains of the West -
And by the time you hit Kansas and further east, it will have cooled down a bit.

Wishing you well - J

Pic - Tetons in September

Routes / Re: Current aerial shots of Tioga Pass snow removal.
« on: May 12, 2017, 12:04:07 pm »
NPS clears west side within the park.
Caltrans clears east side up from Lee Vining.
Caltrans usually has more equipment/crew and finishes earlier -
so sometimes comes into park over Tioga Pass to speed clearing.

Routes / Re: Current aerial shots of Tioga Pass snow removal.
« on: May 12, 2017, 09:41:30 am »
Yosemite N.P. road status web page -

Tioga Pass is unlikely to open before mid to late June.

General Discussion / It Ain't Summer in the West
« on: May 05, 2017, 01:01:28 pm »
It Ain’t Summer in the West
It may be 88 degrees in Atlanta, but not in Yellowstone.

Over the years, I have noticed that folks from the East and from Europe are blissfully unaware of the climate of the American West as they plan their bike tours. Winter comes early and stays late. In many higher areas, it can snow into early June and start up again after Labor Day. I’ve even seen snow coming down - not just a flurry - on July 4th and in August, too. And I just finished skiing thru four feet of fresh snow in the Bighorns.


Full version over at Crazyguyonabike - with pix and charts -

Photo - Bighorn Mountains - April 29 - Snow up to the Top Rail

Much debate here and at Bike Forums - - google it.

Some people say it's fine, others hate it.
There's a bus with bike racks 4 times a day. Weekdays.

Here's my route -

A few things might have changed - esp. back roads with chip seal rather than pavement.
(Counties save money that way - but it sucks for cyclists.)

I think we camped at Schafer State Park - same distance, maybe less traffic E. Satsop Rd.
We stayed on Old 410 all the way to Montesano - no problem - basic old highway.
Don't take bike trail in S. Aberdeen - goes right past scenic sewer plant.

Have to go all the way up to the tip of Westport for Coast Guard Station, dunes trail, and lighthouse.
Number of back roads thru the cranberry bogs - whatever works.

Google maps is not your friend south of South Bend - private, Weyerhauser road, I think.
Stay on US 101 - moderate traffic, shoulders, some nice bay views around Bone River.

You can take Hwy 401 via Naselle to the Astoria Bridge, but I prefer hitting Cape Disappointment.
To do that, you need to stay on US 101 via Ilwaco - then to the cape.

There's a tiny inlet between the rocks that has shallow swimming water in mid-summer.


Should be a perfect time -
Maybe a shower or two up north.
Still green in California after all the winter rain.
Who knows? There may be some cycling options around Big Sur by then.
Have a great trip! - J

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