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Routes / Ticonderoga NY to Western Mass.
« on: November 23, 2005, 11:13:59 am »
The Rubell maps of Massachusetts are very good but do be aware that they are somewhat dated. I did some riding in the berkshires once and the maps had some minor errors, roads were misnamed or minor stuff like that, nothing that would prevent you from getting anywhere if you trust your instincts, but stuff like that. I backed up the map with a Garmin Etrex Vista which has a basemap of NA built into it..


Routes / Problems with Great Rivers maps
« on: September 30, 2004, 03:03:29 pm »
Did you see them in your Meridian (I'm sure it has a find waypoint command somewhere) or you just didn't see it on your screen?  If it was successfully transferred to the GPS and it is in memory, it might be a problem with the map datum. Make sure that whatever street/topo maps you are using in MapSend has the same datum that your GPS is set to when receiving waypoints or else the lat/long could be off.  Most of the topo maps I see use NAD27 (North American Datum 1927) but there should be a way to check in MapSend, (There better be a way! I've never used it).  Depending on what the map is done in and your GPS is set to, it might throw off the waypoint either a tiny amount or a lot.  


Routes / Short TransAm on the Northern Tier?
« on: September 14, 2004, 11:47:01 am »
My random suggestions too. If you do cross NY State, you can always take a ferry across Lake Champlain to get to Vermont, they have three ferries at various latitudes of the lake that you can find out info on.

I know that NH and Maine have bicycle maps that can tell you shoulder width, traffic density, etc. that you can request for free from each state's respective DOT. (Just use google), I have them for NH and Maine (and RI, and Mass and CT, for that matter).  I'm sure VT has them too but as yet, I haven't needed it other than the website for the Lake Champlain Bikeways organization.  

So, you could easily figure out shorter routes in various places and getting to Bar Harbor quickly.

I would be very afraid to take the coastal route in Maine (I've been there) because I would be very tempted to simply stay in Camden or any of the towns in Mid-Coast maine and never leave!!!! That would mess up your 12 weeks for sure :D


Routes / Are the cue sheets avail online?
« on: July 25, 2004, 11:15:54 pm »
I have 2 sections of the Atlantic Coast route, basically from NYC to Acadia Nat. Park, ME.  I'm wondering if the cue sheet portion is available online? I'd like to enlarge the text so I can print it out on some tyvek sheets. But rather than type it on or play with it with photocopying, does ACA have these online or available as a text file? I don't need the maps, but the cue sheets would be useful. Looking at the fine print is too hard when cycling!


Routes / Belfast, ME to the White Mountains, NH
« on: June 30, 2004, 03:50:05 pm »
I'm trying to resurface my attempt at biking to Baxter State Park to climb Katahdin from NJ but I was just invited to do some backpacking in the Pemegawasett range in the White Mtns not far after my scheduled Baxter trip. I have a friend in Belfast I was planning on stopping by on the way to Baxter and I might swing by on the way back if she doesn't join me in Baxter.  Anyway, I'm considering biking to the Zealand trailhead on Rt 302 in the whites.. Saw NH's bike map (PDF):

But does anybody know roughly the terrain from Maine to the Whites going west?  I assume it's going to be hilly, I know part of the route I think is on the Kancamaugus highway.    I know I can plug that into Maptech's TN but sometimes makes molehills look like mountains :)


Routes / Looking for a route (east to west)
« on: June 17, 2004, 11:24:18 am »
Both Adventure Cycling (Atlantic Coast route) and the East Coast Greenway ( published routes that go through NYC, check out the maps section on ACA or the website for the EC Greenway.  

You can use these routes to hook up with the routes that go east west (The northern/Southern tier and the trans-am route)...


Routes / Rhode Island to New Jersey
« on: June 03, 2004, 03:38:48 pm »
I've done part of the ACA atlantic coast set. I have the two sets that takes you from NYC/NJ/PA up to Bar Harbor but since I live in NJ and have done my own routes near me, I used only a small section from New Paltz to Millterton, NY, the rest I simply using my own knowledge and local street maps.  I did a ride from my house to the Berkshires last year.  I do know that there are some camping in CT and probably even more than those that are listed on the back of the ACA maps. Find a decent city and use Google to see if you can find camping destinations. Otherwise, there is always stealth camping. ;)

As far as the traffic, road conditions, etc, going east and west through Dutchess/Putnam county consists of rolling hills east of the hudson.  Kind of a pain to keep going down and up and down, but it is pretty much free of traffic once you get out of Rt 9 through Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, etc.  You will have lots of traffic over the Mid-Hudson brige and up Rt 9. Once you get past the Vanderbilt Manor though, it gets more scenic and less traffic. The Manor itself is a good spot for lunch (right on the Hudson, go down to Bard Rocks and there are some nice picnic tables you can eat at. Free too, unless you go into the Manor itself).  

Anyway, after the rolling hills, it does level out once you get towards Millterton and into NW CT.  I've gone to Salisbury CT on the way home, but when my friend and I rode to the Berkshires, we headed north on Millerton to Bash Bish Falls and then east on Rt 23 to Great Barrington where we basecamped.    But on the way back we took a route parallel to Rt 7 by some covered bridges to Salisbury and then west.  Nice ride!

I would say most of that route will be rural except for the Poughkeepsie area where you cross the hudson.  I have never done the section through Providence or Norristown so I can't speak for those sections. Obviously the closer you are to Philadelphia, the less rural you get but I think it isn't bad cause you're not really going into Philly.  

There is also Harlem Valley RT in Millerton that goes to Amenia, which I wanted to do, so I did this as an alternative to following the same route back. If you do decide to do this, pick up a dutchess cty map and you can see Rt 40(?, I think!) that goes from Amenia towards Poughkeepsie which is your destination across Dutchess Cty. Be Aware that there is a HUGE ASS HILL(tm) just outside of Amenia that you will have to grind up. I did it with a FULL set of panniers and very loaded but I had a MTB with MTB gearing and managed OK. My friend was suffering on a road bike and only 2 panniers.  It's doable but it is tough cause there is traffic on that road, a small narrow shoulder.  However, there is a great view at the top of that hill though.

Feel free to ask me anything else that I may help you with. I'll try my best.


Routes / Your next "dream tour"
« on: June 03, 2004, 12:10:57 pm »
So when do we start planning, Brad? :)

My next dream trip is the trip I postponed from last year, biking to Baxter and climbing Katahdin, from where I live in NJ.    

But biking around the world would be amazing, for sure.

I'd like to bike on mars too but the water issue might be a problem with all of it somewhat frozen.. :)


Routes / route alongside the Appalachian trail
« on: April 01, 2004, 11:09:44 am »
Yeah, that would be cool, but I've got plans to go backpacking in Wrangell St. Elias this year and before that, heading to Idaho for some kayaking.  I may go to Maine this year, but that is almost a last minute decision.  I know I've crossed the AT in NJ/NY and in CT.MA on the way, when I went to the Berkshires last October, we staying in Beartown State Forest and the AT goes right through there. When we crossed into CT on the way home, I recognized the AT crossing on Rt 7 just north of Salisbury, CT. In effect, this route does seem to parallel the AT a bit. However, when you start getting into eastern Mass, and Maine, the Adv-Cyc route goes to Bar Harbor while the AT obviously goes further north to Baxter S.P.


Routes / route alongside the Appalachian trail
« on: March 31, 2004, 02:36:37 pm » right? I thought I recognized your name...  I haven't hanged around OR that bit ever since they went to the new format. It's so slooowww from all the ads and doesn't load properly a lot of times...  

Hey, if you ever wanted to come by NW NJ and ride to Maine and climb Katahdin, let me know. I already know a good route and I did alot of prep work for this trip last year but never got a chance to make it happen.  You're from NC?  You could ride here and I could join ya!


Routes / route alongside the Appalachian trail
« on: March 30, 2004, 12:05:21 pm »
Check out the East Coast Greenway, some of it probably parallels the AT except for the part that goes through NYC.

I biked up to the Berkshires, MA from NJ to do some hiking there on the AT, I am trying to bike up to Maine from NJ to go hike Katahdin, but I'm not really trying to parallel the AT or do a section hike and bike home or anything...


General Discussion / OT: Bicyclist hits bear in Missoula, MT.
« on: September 11, 2008, 07:17:08 am »
You folks at ACA know this person?

Read this elsewhere and knowing ACA is in Missoula, thought I'd post this...


General Discussion / Mid November ride East Coast
« on: September 02, 2008, 08:10:07 am »
Mid November in the northeast, you will be looking at cold mornings and early sunsets, i.e. not a lot of daylight if you are a late riser or enjoy longer cycling days...  But if you are not camping, you could bring a nice midlayer and enjoy the fall weather. However, you may be missing peak folliage in the northeast...

Southern atlantic for sure, will be warmer, but as mentioned here, elevation will make things colder.


General Discussion / Maine bike tour questions
« on: August 05, 2008, 11:21:57 am »
Starting from Portland, try to see if Amtrak will allow bikes on the train that goes to Portland.. see if you can get your bikes there all the way from VA.  

As far as bike shop, yeah, you can certainly send it to a bike shop, you just need a recommendation (which not being a resident of Portland nor have I ever spent much time there as a cyclist, I can't help you here) but it's not too uncommon for people to ship bikes to a bike shop to be picked up. But obviously would be nice to see if you can bring it with you.

Rt 1 is very busy in the summer, frankly, it is nice but the traffic is sometimes bothersome and between Bath and Brunswick, Rt 1 is a divided highway and bikes are illegal anyway.  

Going inland towards Sebago Lake from the Kennebunk area is nice, I've camped at a Family and Friend's campsite on the western shore of Sebago Lake once, it's a nice private campsite. Just be prepared to share the campground with Huge Monster RVs while you sleep in your tiny 2 person hoop tent. :-P (you get used to it!).

You have a lot of time there but you will have lots of places to check out, Camden is a pretty neat place, if you have time, some nice hiking in Camden Hills (megunticook, battie). Of course, Camden Bay is nice and you can get cutter rides and stuff from there.

You might be able to get a bike suitability map from Maine's DOT (MDOT) but I can't really find a link anymore, but I got one awhile ago, perhaps email MDOT...


General Discussion / issues with snakes/scorpions-southern tier?
« on: August 06, 2008, 09:04:07 am »
In some cases, killing the snake would be illegal, the mere touching of certain endangered snakes like a timber rattlesnake is illegal and I suggest if you in any chance setup came in a snake den, instead of confronting the snake, no matter whether it "charges" you or does nothing, to simply move your tent to someplace not in the way.  


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