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Rocky Mountain / updates on UT road construction here
« on: July 07, 2011, 11:55:16 am »
Bike Utah is updating info on UDOT road construction regularly here:

It's not comprehensive, but might save you from riding fresh chip/seal!

I'm coordinating a multi-agency committee in Wayne County, Utah to establish a bicycle pathway system along Utah's scenic SR-24. This route will take riders off busy I-70 and Hwy 50 and through eight rural Utah towns, Capitol Reef National Park, and through miles of spacious rangeland.

SR-24 will provide a safer, quieter and more enjoyable experience than riding along the shoulder of I-70. This route is already heavily used by coast-to-coast cyclist, regional touring groups and local cycling clubs. The existing shoulder along SR-24, however, is nonexistent for much of its 160 miles, posing a danger to the cyclists, large RV's, pickups pulling horse trailers and tour buses that share the road. Consequently, we are working to build a safe pathway system for bicyclists.

This route loops to the south of I-70 and reconnects riders with Hwy 50 approximately 160 miles later. It would add total of 65.5 miles to the existing corridor plan that places the proposed U.S. Bicycle Route System along the I-70/Hwy 50 corridor.

East-bound riders would access SR-24 in Salina, Utah. West-bound riders would access SR-24 approx. 13 miles west of Green River, Utah.

Our committee is working to gain adequate ROW along SR-24 to build a system of paved and road-base pathways for pedestrians and bicyclists; not horses or motorized vehicles. Our proposed pathway system will be a separate pathway from the road shoulder, and, when access is granted, may include areas that cross private land and follow river courses.

I welcome suggestions and input on this project. We are working with UDOT and will be asking American Cycling Assn. to consider this as an alternative to the proposed I-70 corridor for the U.S Bicycle Route System.

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