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Gear Talk / Stinky Panniers
« on: February 08, 2005, 02:31:12 am »
I pulled out 20 year old coated nylon panniers from deep storage and they have a familiar smell that I associate with aging coated nylon. It is not mildew and they have been quite dry all these years. The waterproof coating has a white patina over most of it. The smell is quite strong and it is similar to -brace yourself- vomit! No kidding. Can this smell be removed? Will it and the white stuff wash off? Is is a toxic substance resulting from the breakdown of the coating? All advise is appreciated. I'd hate to have to throw them away since I've only used them twice and am ready to tour again.

Routes / southern tier: summer ok? Credit Card ok?
« on: April 13, 2007, 08:36:19 pm »
I'm considering a 3 week portion of the Southern Tier in June or July, Possibly Navasota Tx to Defuniak, FLa. Can you advise me on the temperatures I can expect, and Do you think it is possible to do this without camping gear?

Routes / Great Parks North Questions
« on: April 04, 2005, 06:12:28 am »
I'm studying the possibility of riding this route between Jasper and West Yellowstone in July, about 26 days or so, and have a few things on my mind:

What are the pros and cons of riding from north to south versus south to north?

I will be riding alone but looking forward to teaming up with others as the opportunities occur. Is one direction better than the other for that?

The National Parks are heavily visited in July. Do I need to reserve camping along the way, and how far in advance?

How does one fly and otherwise get to or from the Jasper end?

How does one fly and otherwise get to or from the West Yellowstone end? How many days of riding are needed to get to or from the Jackson Hole airport? Are there other options?

Routes / Where would you send me?
« on: February 15, 2005, 06:01:00 am »
I have 30 days in the middle of the summer, say all of july, to tour, somewhere in the US or Canada. If you could send me on your favorite route, what would it be? Please give me your inspired advice. I only wish I had more time!

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