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Paul:  I guess it WOULD be helpful to know which airport...Reagan.  Jeff

May 1st we are flying into D.C. to begin our Transamerica route in Yorktown, Va.  We plan on using part of the Tidewater Potomac route to get to Yorktown.  The hitch is biking out of the airport.  Has anyone done this?  Jeff Scott

Routes / Western Express
« on: March 22, 2007, 02:17:33 pm »
Hey Doug:
My partner Mary & I are planning the same trip and will arrive in DC on 5/1.  Maybe we will see traces of you as we bring up the rear.  In 1998 we did the Southern route at age 48/49.  It just takes persistence, but this central route does look more daunting. If you check the riding conditions Virginia, Kentucky etc appear far more grim than the West.  Best of luck, Jeff

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