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New England / New York's Empire State Trail
« on: February 08, 2022, 04:05:00 pm »
I'm planning a tour this spring on the Empire State Trail.  While I was researching my tour, I discovered that there are no designated public or private camping areas on the trail between Albany and New York City.  I live in Hudson, NY, and the Empire Trail runs through Charles Williams Park in the city of Hudson.  I sent a letter to the editor, which was published recently, advocating the creation of a designated camping area in the park.  Here's the text of my article and a link to the newspaper that might be of interest to those who ride the Empire Trail.

"To The Editor:

The City of Hudson, in partnership with The Spark of Hudson, is seeking suggestions from the public about ways to redesign and improve Charles Williams Park. I am writing to recommend that a portion of the park be designated as a camping area for long-distance bicyclists and hikers on the 750-mile Empire State Trail, which passes through the park.

Unfortunately, designated campsites are few and far between on the epic bike ride from the beginning of the Empire Trail in Buffalo to the end of the trail in New York City.
Part of the Empire Trail is located along the Erie Canal. According to the state-run website (, the New York State Canal Corporation has designated “primitive” camping areas at many of its locks along the canal. However, no public or private campgrounds are available along the significant stretch of the Empire Trail in the Hudson Valley from New York City to Albany.

Ideally, bicycle tourists passing through Hudson could find lodging at a hotel in the city. However, some cyclists cannot afford a hotel room in Hudson. In addition, hotel rooms might not be available on many nights at the height of the summer and fall tourist season. Under such circumstances, cyclists would be grateful for a designated place to pitch a tent.

By incorporating a camping area in Charles Williams Park, we can encourage people to have fun, get physically fit, and support environmentally friendly forms of transportation."

Cycling Events / National Day Of Climate Action Ride (New York NY)
« on: March 16, 2007, 03:02:50 pm »
Future Sea Level Ride
New York, NY
April 14, 2007 01:00PM to 02:30PM

Event Description:
FUTURE SEA LEVEL BIKE RIDE In conjunction with Step It Up, the National Day of Action on Climate Change, Times Up environmental group is organizing a bike ride which will address climate change and global warming in our local communities and highlight meaningful responses. Non-polluting trasportation is one part of the solution. Dress like you are underwater. Bike ride ends at Battery Park to link up with Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir.
New York City Union Square Park South Saturday April 14th, 1PM
Take bike or subway to Union Square Park. We will meet on the Soouthside located on 14th Street between Broadway and University Place.

John Hunka

Routes / Bike Lanes For Cape Hatteras
« on: August 15, 2006, 01:03:38 pm »
This article has some very good news for those of us who have cycled, or plan to cycle, on Cape Hatteras in North Carolina:

"Hatteras plans bike lane on its main road"
Star News Online
August 14, 2006

John Hunka
Philadelphia, PA

General Discussion / Randonneur Handlebars
« on: March 08, 2007, 03:00:31 pm »
I am thinking about trying randonneur handlbars on my bike, which is a Trek 520.  Could anyone enlighten me on the pros and cons of this type of handlebars?

John Hunka

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