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General Discussion / misery in missouri
« on: January 21, 2004, 02:37:40 pm »
I biked the TransAm trail in 2002.  You will love Missouri.  My friend and I found the Ozarks to be beautiful.  When we rode through Missiouri we got rained on almost the whole way.  We were wet and cold most of the way.  One day, I broke a spoke going down a hill and it caught my derailure and ruined my whole wheel.  We had an adventure getting it repaired.  A local biker with a pick up truck picked me up and drove me 40 minutes to a bike shop.  We loved Springfield.  If you find bikers in Missouri they are all willing to give you a hand.  We had some good times there.  You will love the hostile in Golden City.  I think it was one of my favorite ones.  There were some great thirft shops there where we found some cheap movies, cheaper that renting them from a local video shop.  We left them at the hostile.  The cabinets were full of food.  The negative things that I remember from this part of the country were the dogs and coal trucks.  It is worse in KY than MO.  We also stayed at local church one day that there was a lot of lighting.  They were so kind to us.  They had a food pantry and let us raid their pantry for dinner.  We had a fest.  The one thing I suggest is if you go while school is in session take a great when school lets out.  The kids like to drive fast during that time and it can be a little nerve racking.  But other than that the people were great.  One guy stopped on a scooter and encouraged us up the long steep hill.  That was the first ime we had anyone encourage us up a long climb.TextText

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