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I have always used G7towin to load wypts etc en route.  Windows machines were what I used.  But now a Mac (OS X) will be available.  I'd like to use it. 

G7towin.exe won't run on it.  Is there a Mac version?

I did the great divide a couple of years ago and it was wonderful - just right for me!
I want to do the Pacific Crest but the Sierra Cascade Route is too much pavement. 

Is there any hope that a dirt equivalent will be made?  How can we encourage such.

Has anyone ever done this?  I had a tech person at Garmin suggest that a way to get around the 1000 wypt limit might be to put the motel and restaurants wypts in a custom POI file that would be loaded to the sd card and would then be available on the screen of my map76csx.

The idea seemed to be to use a .csv file (what ever that is) or excel (which would be harder).

If my POI query got the custom file first and only then the usual stuff from City Navigator that might be useful.

Any thoughts???

Routes / New Sierra Cascade Route
« on: February 08, 2010, 06:23:37 pm »
So exciting to see the over view map!  Anyone know how much climbing?  The GDR has something like 200,000 ft of climbing.  Is this similar?  Did they solve the problems of dangerous logging truck areas?  I was actually hoping some dirt workaround would have been found for that.  Any more info?  Thanks kathy

Routes / Anyone heard of the Salmon River Basin 800 mile mtn-bike loop ???
« on: December 13, 2009, 09:23:51 am »
Has anyone heard of the Salmon River Basin 800 mile mtn-bike loop?  The July 08 mag mentions it on page 19 as something done By Kathy and Roger Cox.  It was one of their favs.  If we can find it, it might become our summer 2010 highlight. We'd also like to get in touch with the Coxs.  We have a lot more in common than our names.  :D

Last summer I used Scott Morrison's tracks to guide my ride of the GDR (a thousand thanks, Scott).

Now I'm doing prep for the Northern Tier.  Having no tracks, I'm hoping to take routes with me. I'm pressed for time and reluctant to manually click every waypt in the 4000 mile trip to create the routes I would like to have.  Even if I wanted to do that, how would I know which wayoints are route turns.  They all seem to have the same symboles unless they are campgrounds.
My lack of GPS experience is blinding me to some obvious stuff.  What am I missing.

Hi, I'm loading Garmin City Navigator maps for the Northern Tier.  Can't fit them all on my GPSmap76CSx at once.  I'd like to take the rest on a flash drive with a portable app to load them.

G7TOWIN works for the waypoints etc but I don't see how to get it to load maps.  I am I missing something?  Is there another that would??

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