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Hi Paul,
Yes I have used your web sight.  Thank you.

I have loaded City Nav maps onto my sd chip inside the gps. They show up nicely. Now I only have to download routes and waypoints.

If I page to a map and hit menu, I get several choices.  Recalculate is there but is always greyed out.  
If instead, I reach the map page by selecting a saved route and then chosing map instead of navigate, then I get only 2 choices.  One of the choices is "map set up" but I can't find anything of use there on any of the tabs - certainly no "recalculate".

When I chose navigate instead of menu, it calculates quite a while but only comes up with a distance between where I am now and something on the map opened by my route.  The route I hoped to recalculate remains straight point to point.

The manual only talks about recalculate while talking about building a new route on the gps.

Did you suceed in loading up routes that followed the roads for your trips?
thanks,  kathy

Hi all responders,
Thanks.  I thought I was making good progress until I noticed that my garmin GPSmap76csx is still showing straight line routes even though I used the mapsource recalculate to make them all fit the road on my computer map display.

I've searched the unit to see again what I thought I saw before - a setting called "follow the road" or "on road" or some such.

Any ideas, anyone?

After a year using this unit I still think it has a random display generator built in.  I wish I was just joking.  I never know what I'm going to get from it.

again thanks for your help

Thank You.

One thing...   ACA seems to have made the routes straight line rather than "auto" which seems to mean following roads that curve.

Is there any way to convert them?
Thanks much.

Thank you.  The ACA text at the down load screen only mentions wypts so I didn't realize that I had gotten routes too.  Blind sometimes.

I'm trying to get them to display on my GPS map.  I go from the main menu to Routes...  see all the routes... hilite one, hit map, enter...

I see a lavender route but it ends without showing me all the wypts on that route.  Some times I can't see the first wpts.  Sometimes the last.  What controles this?  I just want them all to show all the time. (In fact, all the routes should show any time I page to a map.) How can I do that? Thank you!!! kathy

Last summer I used Scott Morrison's tracks to guide my ride of the GDR (a thousand thanks, Scott).

Now I'm doing prep for the Northern Tier.  Having no tracks, I'm hoping to take routes with me. I'm pressed for time and reluctant to manually click every waypt in the 4000 mile trip to create the routes I would like to have.  Even if I wanted to do that, how would I know which wayoints are route turns.  They all seem to have the same symboles unless they are campgrounds.
My lack of GPS experience is blinding me to some obvious stuff.  What am I missing.

thank you

Hi, I'm loading Garmin City Navigator maps for the Northern Tier.  Can't fit them all on my GPSmap76CSx at once.  I'd like to take the rest on a flash drive with a portable app to load them.

G7TOWIN works for the waypoints etc but I don't see how to get it to load maps.  I am I missing something?  Is there another that would??

Sorry to reply to myself.
But I guess the more basic question is (preloaded topo cards aside):

Can I load waypoints/routes/maps onto the blank cards (say 5 of them) and sucessfully bring them into use.

It sounds like normal waypoint/route storage is separate.  

Garmin doesn't reply.  The guys in the store ... well, you know.

So if anyone of you knows whether this works, Thank You!  

Thanks for the quick reply.  
Yes there is a card that is blank.  Also I can buy 2 additional cards: Mountain No West topo and Mountain So West topo.  They will be preloaded with all the mapsource topos that I will need for the GDR trip.

Not having bought this thing yet I can't tell how/if one can move waypoints/routes from the card to 'current usage??' so I can remove that card and put in one of the 2 topo cards.

I'd like to trust that it-only-makes-sense so it must be possible.  But you know they do so many things that are counter-intuitive.  I don't want to lay down those bucks and have it not work for me.

I'm under time pressure as I leave in 5 days for AZ and I'd like to have TracBack for security on those faint desert traces.

hi,  I read your blog and it helped orient me.  Still, my question is so basic that I didn't find the answer there. So here goes:

If I buy a GPS with room for 1000 waypoints and I need 5000 way points to define the routes on the GDR, does that mean I have to carry along my laptop to be able to load up the second 1000 waypoints when I need them?

I am looking at the Garmin GPSmap 76 CSx.
thanks kathy  

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Loading more routes along the Transam
« on: January 15, 2007, 09:11:09 am »
Hi Fred, Thanks very much!  I'll be doing the Great Divide Route and one of the challenges there is you see lots of good looking roads that aren't on the topo maps (or the BLM maps or the ADV Cycl maps).  If I end up one of those, what will the rerout feature do?

In that case maybe I'll want the back track info too.  I'd have back track if I kept the GPSR on, right?

It will be interesting to see whether all adv cycl's GDR 'roads' are on Garmins topo maps.  Likely some are not.  Does anyone know?


GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Loading more routes along the Transam
« on: January 14, 2007, 01:05:48 pm »
Hi Fred, Thanks for the info and the path into these other threads.  Now I think I get the waypoint picture.

And Now again, (she said, ever greedy for more info)let me ask:

Reading the Garmin site I found "MapSource no longer supports the RealTime Track Plotting function."

Sounds scary!  Does that mean that my GPSR will not be able to show me a map behind my return path?

An even more basic question - when I turn off my GPS to save batteries, will it continue to create my track?  i.e. do I have to know I am about to get lost and turn my GPS on in order to be able to retrace my steps once I am sure I am lost?

Any help on this will again be appreciated. kathy

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / GPS data of Great Divide Route
« on: June 16, 2007, 09:55:57 am »
Hi All,
Just wanted to say I've been using Scott's tracks thru NM and they are totally enabling.

With my GPS on my handlebars, I can watch my track follow Scott's track.

It's clear, I pedal stronger when there is no doubt that I am going in the right direction.

Thank You, Scott!

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / GPS data of Great Divide Route
« on: June 16, 2007, 09:43:19 am »
Many Thanks Jennifer  Got 'em.

Next Question:
I do actually hope that this is another thing everyone knows but me!

How do I "delete all" of my waypts from my garmin GPSmap76CSx gps??

I put in 500 or so waypts for sections 5 & 6 when I rode those sections.  Now I need to load Canada, sections 1 thru 2.  In mid trip I will need to load secions 3 thru 5.  Deleting one at a time seems prohibitively difficult.

Do I have to switch to a trike so I can delete while I pedal??? :)

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / GPS data of Great Divide Route
« on: June 12, 2007, 06:42:35 pm »
I'm having trouble finding the waypts etc for the Canada portion.  Is that cause there isn't any?  Or...

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