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One more follow-up; I put together some video from the trip; before Pensacola, FL is the off-route (mostly US98) and after Pensacola is on-route.

This makes me want to do it again ... or do the whole thing ...


So, as a follow-up to my original question, a brief report on our experience for others who may ask the same question:

We did the ride last week and had a great time.  The off-route gulf-coastal section, pretty much following US98 was partly good and partly not-so-good.  We followed approximately this route:

The first day, on US98 from near Sopchoppy FL to near Mexico Beach  (points A and B on the referenced map) was very pleasant and good not-busy roads with nice shoulders most of the way.  We took 30A out to Indian Pass (near Port St. Joe), which was not unpleasant but hardly worth the extra miles; a thick pine forest is between the road and the water.

Between Mexico Beach and Miramar (points B and C, near Destin) was marginally unpleasant as it was lots of 4-lane roads, but with good shoulders and/or bike lanes.  Panama City beach was super crowded and it was "Thunder Beach Weekend"  ... 'nuff said.  But, it was never unsafe, just kind of unpleasant on a bicycle.

From Miramar, it was much of the same until we crossed out to Santa Rosa island and got into the Gulf Shores National seashore, which was the whitest sand and bluest water I've ever seen, truly a wonderful ride through a wonderful place.

In Pensacola, we picked up the ACA route which was very nice, especially Dauphin Island, AL.  We ended in Franklinton, LA, a little short of our intended endpoint, because of rear wheel issues with one of the bikes.  In Franklinton, I highly recommend Mikes for ribs/steak and Louie's for cajun cooking.

Thanks, Jennifer for the help, and hope this helps someone.


Planning a short trip on part of the Southern Tier, westbound, roughly from Tallahassee to St. Francisville.  Looking at maps and wondering if anyone has any experience deviating south of Elgin AFB and riding through Panama City, through Destin, and getting back on-route in Pensacola.

Suspecting hoards of beach traffic and general unpleasantness, and suspecting we'd be smart to stay on-route, but we have an opportunity to stay near Destin and want to make sure we wouldn't miss neat things out on the coast.

Thanks very much for any thoughts!


Gear Talk / Re: hub generators
« on: January 12, 2011, 11:00:07 am »
On the topic of resistance, Peter White has very specific drag/efficiency information on this page:

 Specifically, calls out the Schmidt as 64% efficiant, requiring 1.5 watts and the recent Shimanos as 53% efficient and requiting 2.2 watts.

Overall, it's probably worth your time to read all of Peter's site and mull it over for a while.


Gear Talk / Re: hub generators
« on: January 10, 2011, 03:40:01 pm »
I just built up a Salsa Vaya and we put a Schmidt SON 28 disc in the front wheel.  Other than the $300+ cost, I am absolutely blown away by this thing.  Try as I might, I can not detect a difference with lights on or off.  I am running Busch and Muller Lumotec IQ CYO R Senso Plus in the front and Toplight Line plus in the back -- also fantastic and amazing lights.

If you turn the axle with the wheel out of the fork you notice notchiness and wonder what you just spent $300 on.  Drop it into the fork, though, and it rolls and rolls.  Peter White (I think) describes this as 30 pulls and pushes that almost cancel out.  Turn on the light with the wheel spinning, and it noticeably slows.

Like I said though, riding the bike, I don't see how you can ever tell.  No noise or vibration at all ... just lights you never have to worry about!


Gear Talk / Re: Thoughts on 2011 Salsa Fargo Complete bike build?
« on: October 27, 2010, 04:45:19 pm »
Thanks guys, great input.  I think I was just initially taken back by the fact that it wasn't a triple -- after seeing the actual figuring, it looks like a pretty good combo!  Now, if they would just start making the darn things ... ;)

Thanks for your help!


Gear Talk / Thoughts on 2011 Salsa Fargo Complete bike build?
« on: October 25, 2010, 02:27:55 pm »
I've been anxiously looking forward to being able to order a 2011 Salsa Fargo, akin to this:

Anyways, the 2011's are on their website now:

And the complete bike builds are now with SRAM 10-speed APEX with 27/40T front and 12-36T rear.  Interestingly ;) not a triple on the front, and only 40T up there.  I plan to use the bike for lots of stuff, including road trips and am afraid this might be a little slow. The 2010's had Shimano XT 26/36/48T front and 11-34T rear.

Thoughts?  Opinions on other parts of this build?


Classifieds / WTB: 58-60cm touring bike
« on: September 29, 2010, 01:13:48 pm »
Hey all,

Looking for a 58-60cm touring bike.  I'm 6'2" but shorter on the legs.  Salsa Fargo, Kona Sutra, Surly LHT; something like that.  Been on a couple of trips on my Specialized Allez and think it's time for a better suited bike. 

Located in SC.


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