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Gear Talk / Cannondale T2000 vs. Bruce Gordon BLT ???
« on: February 12, 2004, 06:34:56 pm »
STI or Bar-end shifters!!!  That's no brainer.  Difinatley go with the bar-ends for a couple of reasons.  First, incase something breaks with the shifters you can still use it by friction shifting, the STI breaks and your stuck in one gear untill you find a bike shop.  Second, I've never been suprised by a hill on a touring bike and had the need to do a quick shift.  Third, shifting while standing up?  Never seen a fully loaded touring bike rider climbing out of the sadle!  That's why gearing is so important on a touring bike.  I'd also like to see you opt out for a steel touring bike such as Waterford, Bruce Gordon, Atlantis or even a Heron built by Waterford designed by Rivendell.  Good luck.

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Gear Talk / Lighting Systems
« on: January 19, 2004, 06:54:20 pm »
I'm looking at purchasing a lighting system for touring because sometimes I ride early in the mornings, late into the night on full moons and sometimes leave the bar later then expected.  So I want to know what type of lighting systems my fellow touring riders use?  I need bright fast charging helmet/handlebar mount that's very duarable and worth the cost.  Considering the Niterider Storm Helmet HID.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Gear Talk / panniers vs. BOB-like trailers??
« on: January 08, 2004, 07:59:34 pm »
I have used both systems and find that panniers are a better way of touring in my opinion.  Let's get a little background on my thoughts and why I decided to go with panniers.  My first experiences with touring consist of short 3-4 day trips then gradually been longer ones and hopefully one day someone cans my butt and I get some serious time off and travel the country.  So I borrowed a BOB since I didn't want to purchase a touring bike and on top of that panniers, which are expensive (you might as well buy the best ones because they will last a long time).  Well back to the reason I'm contributing to this forum, the BOB pulled at me when climbing, pushed my center of gravity when descending but when traveling in a start line tracked with me wonderfully and I could hardly tell I was pulling anything.  I loved the BOB as long as I was traveling straight on a flat road, but who wants to tour only on flat straight roads?  As for weight it really wasn't a problem because I'm usually aware of how much stuff I'm carrying and more weight equals harder climbing.  The BOB was great when I step up camp and rode into town for food and beer but hey I can also do that without panniers.  Now for my view on panniers.  I can't really explain it but they just worked and by that I mean climbing, descending and everything else!  They just felt like a extension of my bike and I never have to think about a part of me not tugging on my rear, something not pushing me forward!!!!!  With panniers I could ride and enjoy the view.  Now I would recommend if possible to rent the BOB from your local bike shop and go for a long weekend and see if BOB will work for you and if BOB and you don't agree then you can always take him back to the shop.  Don't forget that there's many ways to cook dinner and my views are just that!  Try them both and make your own descision.

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