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Routes / Re: Sierra cascade route question near Tehachapi
« on: June 27, 2014, 11:43:36 pm »
I took a alternate route from Lancanster Metrolink to Tehachapi which was a slight diversion to the Sierra Cascade Route 5.  I ran out of water near 60th St and Rosamond.  When I reached Rosamond and 90th St., there were no stores at the corner.  There was a closed wine store and a dog kennel.  I didn't ask for water at the kennel.  The map said there was a grocery store nearby, but there was none.  I made a an attempt (first time) to head north on Tehachapi Willow Springs road towards Tehachapi.  I finally gave up because I became weak and my mouth was dry, so I ended up calling paramedics to take me to Tehachapi.  There is no cell phone service in the area.  Thank goodness for the emergency call box near Backus Road.  Neither the highway patrol or paramedics carry bottled water.  The paramedics were able to get my bicycle into the vehicle.  I thanked the hospital and paramedics for their assistance.  My daughter told me to bring extra bottles of water, but I didn't listen to her.  I'm not going to be happy when I see the bill the paramedics and the hospital will be sending me, but it will be a lesson to a stubborn old fart.  Incidentally I did ride back to Lancaster from Tehachapi the next day with no problems.

Routes / Re: Gallup NM to Durango CO
« on: October 17, 2011, 10:41:35 pm »
Nice! It's one way for me.

Routes / Gallup NM to Durango CO
« on: October 16, 2011, 10:23:14 pm »
I'm planning a one way shortest route road trip to my nephew's graduation from Gallup to Durango. Is there anything I need to know about this area?

I just learned the hard way that bicycles do not stay on buses just because you have the "hook" clamped down on the front wheel.  Regular buses do not bounce around as much as the rural buses.  However, I only found out recently that the rear wheel can bounce out the bicycle racks of buses and cause the bicycle to flip off the rack. My bicycle bounced out of a rural bus bike rack operated by San Diego MTS.  The driver stopped as soon as it flew off the bus and he did his best to avoid bumps on the road before it flew off.  I was able to take pictures of the damage, although not all the damage was visible until I had the bicycle taken to a bicycle shop for repairs. I talked to an RTA rural bus driver about the accident and he recommended attaching velcro fasterners on the rear bicycle wheel.  I have yet to see velcro fasteners for rear wheels on the bicycle racks of buses even though Amtrak has had them for the front and rear wheels before I started riding my bicycle for vacations.

Routes / Sierra Cascades Section 5
« on: October 06, 2011, 01:27:15 am »
I recently took the train to San Diego, took a bus to Lake Morena, and started Section 5  of Sierra Cascades from Lake Morena.  Instead of going to Mount Laguna, I took 79 to Julian and instead of going to Idyllwild, I took Sage Road to Hemet and ended my trip in Beaumont. Is there any reason why the southern section of Sierra Cascades took the "mountain" route instead of "hills and valleys"?

Routes / Walnut Creek to Sacramento and Florin to Folsom Lake
« on: October 19, 2010, 02:15:50 am »
I rode part of the Western Express Section 1.  I started in Walnut Creek and road the Horse Regional Trail to Concord then took Pacheco toward Martinez.  Part of the Horse trail was gravel and dirt.  I crossed the Martinez-Benicia Bridge and took Park to Industrial to Lopes Road to Cordella to Pittman to Suisan Valley to Linear Park pathway. There was one rest stop overlooking the Suisan Bay but no water was available.  Part of the path between Suisan Valley and Linear Park was under construction.  I stayed one night in Fairfield. The trip from Fairfield to Sacramento was a pleasant ride especially on Pleasant Valley Road. I stayed one night in Sacramento and got a ride from a friend to Florin.  I took Florin Road to Sunrise Blvd to Gold River and then took the American River Bike trail not knowing it started at Florin Road & Sunrise.  I did not notice where I was on the American River Bike trail because there are only signs on the streets and not on the trail.  I only knew where I was by noticing the bridges that crossed the river. When I arrived at Beals there were no signs so I camped at the park and then the sprinklers came on and I had to move out the way quickly.  The next morning I was able to locate the campground and while resting in my tent a squirrel tried to bite my feet.

What is the road condition from Gallup NM taking 491 to Shiprock and then taking 64 to Durango?

Gear Talk / Re: Kick Stands
« on: September 23, 2009, 01:00:40 am »
Is there another type of kickstand that I can put on my GT Outpost 24 speed with disk brakes. My lower axel bar is smaller where the disk brake is located and increases in size toward the pedal.  When I moved it away from the rear axel I hit the kickstand with my heel.

Gear Talk / Re: Kick Stands
« on: September 23, 2009, 12:53:16 am »

General Discussion / Re: Is it worth installing a kick stand?
« on: September 19, 2009, 01:06:48 am »
I purchased a new GT Outpost with disc brakes and installed my Greenfield Stabilizer Rear Mount ATB Kickstand.  I keep hitting the stand with my left feet while pedaling because it is moved away from the my rear axel disc brake.  I changed the angle but it still sticks out too much.  What kind of kickstand do I need?

Colorado / Map of Colorado towns
« on: July 29, 2009, 04:07:02 am »
Sorry.  After reviewing Google map and Rand McNally, the towns of Platoro and Poncha Springs are correctly indicated on the ACA continental map.

Southwest / Phoenix, AZ to Durango, CO
« on: July 29, 2009, 03:44:40 am »
I was thinking of making three separate trips: Phoenix to Flagstaff, Flagstaff to Kayenta, and Kayenta to Durango, CO because I only take 5 days trip which includes transportation by train to and from my starting and ending points.  I'm getting a ride back from my sister from Durango. Unfortunately, there is no train or bus near Kayenta, AZ.  Bicycles are not allowed on the main highways, right?. My other alternative is take the Western Route to Durango from Cedar City, UT or take the bicycle route (name?) from Grant, NM to Durango.  I found out that both bus and train stops in Gallup, NM and that I could make it single 5 day trip instead of three separate 5 day trips to Durango.  The trip takes me thru Tohatchi, Little Water, and Farmington, NM.  Has anyone rode in that area and is there a reason to ride toward Santa Fe, NM from Grant?

This is an old topic but because it was more than 120 day old. I was told to bring it up as new.  This is a comment about Amtrak on my recent trip from San Luis Obispo to Salinas, CA.  I was planning to take the Coast Starlight back from Salinas to Los Angeles, but I found out that they don't accept bicycles.  I exchanged my original ticket for another one for a minimal charge to take an Amtrak Bus from Salinas to Santa Barbara and then transferred to the Pacific Coastliner which accepts bicycles.  I never had to take apart my bicycle for the Amtrak Bus but the bicycle had to lie down on the side.  I only had a bicycle rack on the back, but I'm thinking of changing the rack to pannier holders.  Do I need to remove them if my bicycle lies on the side?

Routes / Re: Riding North on the Pacific Coast
« on: May 21, 2009, 02:26:07 am »
In April 2008, I rode from Oxnard to San Luis Obispo.  The only place I got off my bicycle and pushed it was thru the tunnel at Goleta Pass.  When I went thru Guadalupe, it was windy because the farmers cut down all the trees.  You can't blame mother nature for high winds there.  In April 2009, I rode from San Luis Obispo to Salinas.  There was one place where the road went between two hills that was very windy and I got off my bike and pushed it thru.  Getting up early helped me avoid heavy winds on the way to Big Sur.  The wind helped dry off my facial sweat but I could feel my sweat soaking me elsewhere.  I was miserable the first two days because I covered only 40 miles a day but on the third day I rode 65 miles and I felt great.  I'm planning on going north to Berkeley from Salinas this September.  That is the furthest north I'm going because cold weather bothers me more than the wind.  Yes.  Everyone I talked to asked me why I'm going north instead of south.  I'm going north because that is my goal besides I take the bus or train back to Los Angeles.

Connecting ACA Routes / LAX to Southern Tier
« on: August 05, 2007, 12:16:06 am »
Take the Pacific Coast route to San Diego.  From Laguna Beach, ride
your bike to the San Juan Capistrano Amtrak station and hang your
bike on a ski rack.

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