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I passed through this area a week ago. I ignored the barrier and easily passed through the damaged section of road. There are no rocks in the road at all. The sidewall is severely degraded by apparent neglect. It is separated from the roadway by Jersey barriers.

Local folks say that the Park Service believes the road may erode if exposed to heavy vehicles but a cyclist or pedestrian seems unlikely to cause a catastrophic failure. In fact, the road surface in the closed section of road is in better shape than the Old Mine Road through the Gap.

Breaching the barrier on the south side requires unloading your bike and lifting your bike and gear over a Jersey barrier. On the north side, you can simply ride around the barrier.

I've done something like this in 2018 and 2019. DC to Pittsburgh via the C&O Canal and the Gap Trails. From Pittsburgh take the ACA NYC to Chicago route west. This intersects with the Northern Tier in Indiana. Take that west until it intersects with Route 66 in Odell IL. Follow Route 66 southwest to Marshfield MO where it intersects with the Trans AM.

Don't rule out cutting some corners. You can bypass Pittsburgh by heading west from West Newton PA to Wheeling WV and pick up the Chicago route there.

Good luck

I rode Missoula to St. Regis last summer. Getting out of Missoula was unpleasant (suburban strip malls) but it lasts only a few miles. The route includes a frontage road to I-90 for several miles. This was being reconstructed when I rode it. I'll bet it's in a lot better shape (including pavement) now.

I-90 has WIDE shoulders. No worries at all, except for the four bridges that were under construction. Traffic was squeezed to one lane each way. No shoulders. No guts, no glory. I waited for a big gap in traffic and went for it. My guess is that this won't be an issue this summer.

There is a section than runs through a wooded area parallel to I-90. This is very pleasant. I suppose this is what other were saying may be a private road. I didn't see any access issues and there was store along the road where I waited out a passing storm.

From St. Regis to Paradise along 135 is very scenic.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip.

Bike Flights has recommendations on its app. I used West End Bikes to break down and pack my bike on my return from a cross country ride last year. They were very easy to deal with. They get tons of work with packing bikes because of the Seattle to Portland ride and being near Astoria and an airport. I'm sure they could accept your bike and put it together.

As for getting to Astoria, why not ride? You could do one route west and a different one back to Portland.

There is a free bike house to stay at in Clatskanie. It's about 30 - 35 miles east of Astoria.

One other thing, Astoria is not quite on the coast. You'll have to ride about 10 miles to Sunset Beach or Fort Stevens to do a wheel dip in the Pacific.

Torrential rains are causing problems downriver from PawPaw. The rains should relent in a couple of days but the towpath will be a mess for several days afterward. The towpath is closed for a short stretch downriver from Brunswick. The C&O Canal Facebook page is being updated several times a day by the National Park Service.

According to the C&O Facebook page, the Paw Paw tunnel has been reopened until some time in June.

Meanwhile torrential rains and flooding are wiping out sections of the C&O towpath east of Antietam Creek.

Routes / C&O Canal Towpath
« on: May 16, 2018, 02:39:50 pm »
If you are planning on using the C&O Canal towpath this week, check with the National Park Service first. Heavy rains over an extended period are making a mess of the towpath. A short section of the canal between miles 51 (Catoctin Viaduct) and 54 (Brunswick) is closed. The Park Service is evaluating the towpath between miles 42 and 70.

These are part of the ACA Chicago to New York Route, PHIL ALT 1 section.

Routes / Re: Atlantic Coast Route DC to Key West - Logistics
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:22:09 pm »
This is exactly what I did. It work fine. Dealing with Amtrak in Fort Lauderdale and DC's Union Station was a good experience. Great to see this feature on Amtrak trains.

Routes / Re: Atlantic Coast Route DC to Key West - Logistics
« on: May 03, 2017, 04:37:52 pm »
I didn't realize this was an option in Miami. Good to hear. I think I'll go this route. Thanks.

Routes / Atlantic Coast Route DC to Key West - Logistics
« on: May 03, 2017, 12:24:44 pm »
I am planning a fall tour along the southern half of the Atlantic Coast Route. I am thinking of riding from DC to Key West. The issue I am dealing with is logistics.

I could fly to Fort Myers, take a ferry to Key West, and ride home. This runs the risk of damanging my bike in transit but i don't have to be concerned about return logistics at the end of my trip, can book in advance, save $$$.

Or I could just ride south and figure out return logistics when I get done. Ferry to Fort Myers and plane home or ride to Miami and take Amtrak. Both involve boxing the bike.


Routes / Atlantic Coast Route - Dangerous Bollards installed
« on: June 07, 2012, 12:38:00 pm »
The Atlantic Coast route uses the Mount Vernon Trail bewteen Washington DC and Mount Vernon.  About 7.5 miles south of DC, the route passes under the enormouse Woodrow Wilson Bridge.  Recently a number of bollards have been placed across the path. These bollards are black and spaced quite closely together.  Three of them are at the base of a hill. 

See for more details. 

General Discussion / Re: Shakedown Trip, still concerned
« on: April 28, 2011, 09:39:03 am »
Keep an eye on the humidity too.  In the eastern and southern US, high humidity is as big a concern.  (I live near Washington DC. It can feel like a swamp here on an 80 degree day.)

Regardless of whether it's heat or humidity, when you feel like it is getting to you, find an air conditioned place and hang out while your body recovers.  I chatted up a convenience store clerk in Pennsylvania once for a good 40 minutes all the while standing under a massive air conditioning register.  You'd have thought I was Larry King for all the gabbing I was doing but that cold air felt GREAT!

Routes / Re: Atlantic Coast Route Changes?
« on: April 27, 2011, 02:22:56 pm »
Well it seemed a little silly to carry all the addenda for 2 map pages going back to 2001. (I didn't see any earlier addenda.) So no harm in buying some new maps.  I will check for addenda just before I leave.

I also plan on calling the campgrounds to see if they are open.  Otherwise I might just find a "CLOSED FOR THE SEASON" sign.

Routes / Re: Atlantic Coast Route Changes?
« on: April 26, 2011, 08:29:34 pm »
Thanks for the info.  I checked my maps which I thought were 5 years old.  They are over 10 years old! So I just bought new ones today.

I've done both trails too.  The C&O has its rugged charms but the GAP has a much better surface and more services near the trail.  The kids would love the train. Lots of smoke and noise would be a great contrast to the quiet during the ride. 

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