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To show the elevation profiles on the map you must define the starting and endpoints before clicking the elevation profile button. Do you have both the green and red endpoints defined? Are you getting an error message after clicking the elevation profile button? When you are unable to display an elevation profile is it always in the same section of the route or is happening randomly? Can you let me know the starting and endpoint you are trying to use so I can try to replicate the issue on this end?

ACA Mobile Route Apps / Re: Icon colors and detail
« on: April 12, 2017, 05:23:24 pm »
Hi Aggie,
Thanks for providing feedback on the apps! We are going to look into how to address the color issues and look to make improvements in a future update to the apps.

For the route lines in cities, the main route is pink and the alternate routes are blue. The dotted blue line is part of the Open Cycle map data and not the Adventure Cycling Data. On the Layers tab on the search screen, you can switch between using a Google or Open Cycle Map base map layer. The Google base map does not have the additional cycling infrastructure items displayed and makes it easier to follow the route track.

I've been able to replicate the issue of the disappearing track on my Android phone. I need to zoom into to the point of only showing a single city block to replicate the issue. I'll pass this along to the developer so that it can be addressed in a future version of the apps.

Thanks again for providing us valuable feedback on these new apps. If you have time to leave reviews in the app stores we would really appreciate it!

ACA Mobile Route Apps / Re: App Download process and update plans
« on: April 03, 2017, 07:21:03 pm »
The whole concept is the way to go.  Thanks for your work on this tool.  I do have some questions.

First, I think I have downloaded the app.  There was no choice on the Apple App Store for just downloading the app, but it appears to have downloaded OK by selecting an actual route.  I'll be downloading the free route segment to try it out.  If this isn't how you download the app, please advise.
Currently, we just have apps for three routes, the TransAm, Pacific Coast and Route 66. The app downloads are free. It sounds like you downloaded the apps the correct way. As we gather feedback on the current three apps we will decide on what direction to take in the future. It may be more individual route apps or one app that can handle the entire ACA route network.

Second, what is AC's plan on updating the online maps and associated information?  You're certainly capable of rolling in changes right away, perhaps after verifying them.  Will the information in the Addenda for paper maps be folded into the online maps, in a timely manner?  This is really a work process question, but the process is always more important than the tool.

The digital maps do provide the ability to roll out changes more frequently than the paper maps do. We plan to have route updates available faster in the mobile apps as they do not have to wait for the next printing cycle like the paper maps. The apps do have the ability to update the route and service data on the fly. We do verify the content on our maps, so we will not have real time updates at this time.
Third, THANK YOU for including a real Help section.  So many tablet apps have no help, no manuals, and no contact capability.  (Or its poor cousin, relying on other users in a forum for user assistance.)  You're expected to intuit how it works, and sometimes it isn't intuitive - these people make me nuts, and I refuse to use their apps.  You have a brief but apparently complete how-to, backed up by this forum.  Good job.

Fourth, will the downloaded sections align with the paper map sections, and carry the same numbering?  It would be poor form not to.  I think I saw that the sections download, just wondering if you'll  be carrying the same identifying map and section numbers.

Yes, the paper map and digital data map sections should always match.

Finally, it is my intention to purchase the Northern Tier sections that I have occasion to use.  Any idea when they'll be released?

We started with the three routes that we just released and are gauging feedback from those apps to see how to proceed. At this time, we don't have a release schedule for the other routes, but I expect we will know more by mid-summer.

Thanks for the detailed explanation! I've purchased all 12 sections now and look forward to using the app as I race the Trans Am in June!
Let us know if you have other questions. Good luck in June! Have a great ride.

ACA Mobile Route Apps / Re: Support for iPhone 6/7 Plus Resolution
« on: March 29, 2017, 01:25:13 pm »
No time frame yet, but I've passed along the request to get it in the backlog.

Thanks for the reply. So if I turn only lodging on, then view the map, I see the ACA lodging icons along the entire section of the route. I tap an icon and see something like "Holiday Inn .2 miles of route." Then I can click that popup and see the service's street address and phone number. Why doesn't it work the same for food?  If I turn food on I see only those 2 icons on the entire first section.

The food services do work a little bit different than the other services. This is due to how they are displayed on our paper maps as that is the source of our service data. Food service points are only displayed if they are not located within a town that has an existing service point. When you display only the food service points on section 1 of the TransAm you will see all of the "limited" and "full" service town icons plus the two food service points that do not fall under an existing town icon. The "limited" service town icons will show what type of food service, (groceries, restaurant or convenience store) if a food service exists. "Full service" towns should contain all three.   

If a town has multiple services it will just show the town icon. A green icon designates that the town has all service types. An orange icon designates that the town has limited service and touching the icon will show what types of services exist within the dialog. A red town icon designates that there are no services in the town. If a food service exists outside of a town, it will show the blue icon. I'm seeing two of these on the TransAm section 1 data.

When turning Adventure Cycling service data on and off you do not need to hit the "Go" button after toggling the switches. Hitting the "Go" button does perform a search against the Google maps API and that is why you are seeing the Google icons in your second screen shot.

 Hope this helps.

If you are using an iPhone, Track My Tour, is popular and sounds like a perfect fit for your requirements.

This board is for questions about or support for the Adventure Cycling Association Mobile Route Apps available on iTunes and Google Play. More information about these apps can be found here:

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Re: Source for USBR GPS Data?
« on: July 27, 2016, 01:42:50 pm »
The OpenStreetMap wiki page has links to download a .gpx file for each route, but I have not had any luck with actually getting a valid file to download.

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Re: Source for USBR GPS Data?
« on: July 26, 2016, 04:56:38 pm »
I'm not aware of GPS data being available for the entire USBRS. Some states might provide data for their route at their own sites. The USBRS is also included in the Open Street Map project. More information about that is available here:

Gear Talk / Re: Who makes decent rain gear....
« on: March 11, 2016, 06:35:57 pm »
I checked out Showers Pass, but their pants only seemed to have 33" inseam.  Does anyone know of some good rain gear that has tall sizes?  Something for us 36" inseam dudes?



It might be worth checking if Canari makes there rain pants in that size. I've been pretty happy with my pair from them. I agree with the others, that you will really sweat if it is warm out in the rain pants.

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Re: Android app to show services icons
« on: February 25, 2016, 11:30:08 am »

Routes / Re: Lexignton, KY to Asheville, NC - how to develop a route?
« on: February 11, 2016, 03:00:07 pm »
Is there any good software to store the route while in development?

You might want to check out Ride with GPS,

or Garmin Basecamp,

Routes / Re: Three States Mini-Tour
« on: October 15, 2015, 04:07:56 pm »
Thanks for sharing your trip report and photos!

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