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Gear Talk / Re: Best compact camera for a Tour? Help me decide.
« on: March 10, 2011, 06:50:48 pm »
Fred, awesome info! It looks to me like the best option. I just don't know what a hot shoe is?

So that's less than 2 megapixels.  Yes, that's easily met.

The way istock works is that you sell photos and yes, 2 megapixels is the smallest size which sells for very cheap, but it goes up from there and the larger the photo, the larger the amount of money you make per photo. XL is about 12MP and that is what I am shooting for.

Gear Talk / Re: GEAR - It's adding up! Where can I compromise?
« on: March 10, 2011, 09:43:49 am »
I have read many touring journals and have noticed how most people eventually mail things home. What I find surprising is that they are sometimes mailing things like, a pair of socks, leg warmers, pair of shorts...etc. My point being that the things they are sometimes mailing home are very light items which don't seem like they would make much of a difference in weight. Is it that noticeable when you lose such small amounts of weight from the load?

I am getting into this trip realizing it's going to be a lot of work, also realizing that I really have no idea of what I'm getting in to. I look forward to taking luxuries like a fan, bigger camera, extra clothes...etc. Am I really going to regret these extra things because of the weight??

Gear Talk / Re: Best compact camera for a Tour? Help me decide.
« on: March 09, 2011, 07:32:16 pm »
The MP aspect of the photo is simply the size of the photo. So, you're right, a larger mp requires much more out of the sensor to capture a great photo as opposed to the lower mp.

Gear Talk / Re: Best compact camera for a Tour? Help me decide.
« on: March 09, 2011, 09:25:56 am »
Go shoping with your bike gloves and your sunglasses. My comments about bike touring cameras come down to:
1. You must like the software. If you can't talk to the camera, none of its expensive features were worth what you paid.
2. You must be able to use the controls. Can you work the camera with your bike gloves?or  sunglasses?
3. Can you get batteries for it on the road or charge it?
4. Have a safety lanyard. I've seen people go down trying to catch a fumbled camera while riding. Camera and bike and rider all got banged up.
5. Get a protective case.
6. What will you do with the image files? An offloader? If you put an 8G card in the thing and store two months' worth of photos and someone steals your camera your vacation is gone.
7. Waterproof is unnecessary unless you're a diver.
8. 12mp is unnecessary. 90% of your images will be emailed or uploaded as wee jpgs.
9. Don't buy anything you can't afford to lose, break, or have stolen. It's not jewelry, it's just a camera. Good glass is more important than sensor density.
10. Remote? All you need is a self timer.

That all makes a lot of sense, although I realize I didn't mention the reason for the photos in the first place. I do hope to get nice photos that I would then design into a book (I am a graphic designer). Also, the reason for the higher MP is for upload onto a site called, which has a high standard. I don't think the Pn'S are up to par with what I am looking for.

Now the question for me is whether I want to add my photography hobby and idea for a book to my trip. I did read the "photography and biking do they mix" thread and so it causes questions for me.

I am finding there are endless questions that need to be answered for cross country trip like this.
My goal is not to get to the other side, but to enjoy everything inbetween, plus there is no time limit for me at this point in my life so that is what makes me think of adding a hobby like photography to the trip. SO many questions!! But I still have 4 months to answer them. :)

Perfect! thanks guys, I'll be getting the 60csx then. I appreciate all the help, as always!

Well, the information I am going off of is on the REI comparison chart where one of the categories is OS compatibility, where most the garmins are Windows/Mac, except for the 60csx only says Windows.

Considering my limited knowledge of how the gps operates, I look at that and it tells me that it will not work with my Mac. Which I translate that to mean that if I usb it up to my mac, it will not be recognized.

So, what does that mean then?

I don't believe you can go wrong with the Garmin 60 csx. I've gone across country, shorter tours, and around my town with it. Features a bicyclist can like (and hiker; works OK for auto). Good luck.

The problem with the Garmin 60 csx is that it is not Mac compatible and that's a huge bummer. I am taking my mac laptop with me on the trip so I need the gps to work with my mac.

I can't seem to find everything I want in a gps. I find one that has almost everything and that sucks.

General Discussion / Re: Luxuries
« on: March 08, 2011, 05:27:17 pm »
A luxury I am looking into bringing is a FAN! I am going to be facing some nasty heat and I hear there are some small, battery operated fans that work real nice. I think that is a luxury I most likely will add to my panniers.

Any good fan suggestions for a touring trip?

Gear Talk / Re: GEAR - It's adding up! Where can I compromise?
« on: March 03, 2011, 10:46:31 am »
Thanks guys for your help. Very helpful and I have a new "budget" list that I can refer to.


Gear Talk / Re: Best compact camera for a Tour? Help me decide.
« on: March 02, 2011, 04:52:58 pm » seems to be the major source of camera facts and reviews.  Spend a lot of time there.
You might want to limit the selection to cameras that can use alkaline AA batteries.  Proprietary rechargeable batteries could be a problem, especially since they require carrying the charger and you won't always have access to plug-in power.

Solar powered rechargers any good?

So you own stock and have one for every vehicle. So tell me which garmin you use for your bicycle.

Gear Talk / Best compact camera for a Tour? Help me decide.
« on: March 02, 2011, 01:50:57 pm »
I am currently looking at a ton of cameras for my upcoming touring trip. I am looking for a smaller camera that has everything to it without large body and lenses.

I am looking for a small camera with great quality, at least 12MP. Ideally i have a few desires, but I know it may be hard to find all of them. They are:

  • 12MP+
  • waterproof
  • remote control
  • great zoom
  • video

So, I would be interested in hearing your feedback. Thanks!

Gear Talk / Re: Touring bicycle choices
« on: February 28, 2011, 06:51:24 pm »
I just purchased my black beauty and she's a Surly LHT. I plan on many many miles, zigzagging across the U.S. on her. I love how she handles already, although it's still winter here and I've only been riding a couple times but I love how she feels.

Prior to my LHT I have only ridden other cheap bikes I came across anywhere and the feel of having a nice bike has been awesome! I can't wait to hit the road for the tour, becoming 1 with my bike! :)

I studied bikes for over a month and studies showed me that the overwhelming choice was the LHT for long tours.

So, I vote LHT!

Is there a version of the etrex that has an altimeter like this that will show you the hills you are about to face:

Gear Talk / Re: GEAR - It's adding up! Where can I compromise?
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:17:37 pm »

That's awesome! Thanks for your time in looking at it. I am going to review based on your comments and re-post the list.

In my mind I don't feel like I can compromise much on:

gps I'm still unsure about, but I hear what you're saying...
tent, I feel like I want to feel like I enjoy being in it, so I am not tempted to get a hotel all that often
buying the cycling clothes that are necessary.

I will review based on your comments and then study a bit more and put up the new list.

I really appreciate your time in looking it over!

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