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Gear Talk / Jamis Aurora
« on: March 11, 2004, 02:33:12 am »
I just purchased a Jamis Aurora, 2004 model, 57 cm.  I swapped out the cranks that came with it for a set of Deores 48 36 26 to get some lower gearing but still leaving it with some big gears for everyday riding.  An added bonus according to the mechanic who did the swap is that the bike shifts smoother with the Deores compared to the stock cranks.  So far since picking it up on Friday I've ridden it 85 miles and its been great.  I have done 10 miles fully loaded and it provided a very stable ride, so far so good.  Ask me again in a few weeks after I ride it on the C & O canal.  I also have been using it for commuting with panniers and its been great.  A friend of mine has been cross country twice and this bike got his approval so I guess thats good.  The few things I wish I could change are minor like swapping out the brakes for something better like avids or some old shimanos, already swapped out the saddle for a WTB, ordered fenders. Swapped out tires for Panaracer Pasella TG's, none of the bike shop's distributors could get me the Avocets Cross 2 Ks or the Top Tourings and I refuse to use another shop or mail order since they give me a nice discount.  The one major thing I had was that the front fork can't take much larger than a 30 c, its wide enough but their isn't enough clearance on top for it.  The only reason this bothered me is because I wanted to run 35 c tires on the canal and also I am around 200 pounds so I wanted to go as big as possible.  The rear however has plenty of clearance for a nice fat tire, I plan to run a 28 up front and a 32 in the rear for touring.  My friend who went cross country 2x, among other tours, has always been fine with 28s and hes about 180, so maybe this isn't an issue.  I was going back and forth between the Jamis and the Fuji and went with the Aurora because of the reynolds steel as opposed to fuji's house brand and the ritchey components.  The wheels are nice and strong because they use the Ritchey hubs which have some no dish system, can't explain this as well as my mechanic so I won't even attempt to.  
  Sorry my reply was so rambling but I had alot to say.  Hope this info helps you, the Jamis really is a great buy, its around 800 dollars MSRP, used to be 6 but they upgraded to 9 speed this year.  


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