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Routes / Great Parks North: Jasper to Kalispell
« on: December 28, 2005, 02:27:02 pm »
My wife just finished chemo and is starting radiation for breast cancer and is looking to do a big ride this summer to celebrate beating breast cancer.

Our only concern is fitness level.  We've done lots of riding in the past, but she's not done but a day or two since the day she found the lump in late July.  To top that off, we're flatlanders stuck in winter.

The other side of the coin, this is the last year until retirement (and we're 30) that I'll likely get to take a month off of work to do this and some exploring in the parks along the way.

So is it unreasonable to think that we could get in shape between March 15 and July 1 for this trip?  Just not real sure of the difficulty of the route.  We have the time to go slow and keep the mileage down to 30miles a day with several spare days for rest and sightseeing.

Also, what temp sleeping bag is required?  We have 40 degree bags (that can be zipped together) plus fleece liners for extra warmth.  Will that be enough for July?

Thanks so much!

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