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General Discussion / Re: wild camping in WA, OR and CA
« on: April 14, 2016, 08:11:24 am »
Reading all your recommendations, I think it's safest to camp in designated areas where I know it is allowed.
I am not an American, so it is difficult for me to understand on what kind of property I am.

I have never heard of hiker/biker camping.
Here, I found what it means:

And here, I found there are indeed plenty!
Washington State:

General Discussion / wild camping in WA, OR and CA
« on: April 11, 2016, 10:50:14 am »

There are so many beautiful beaches and lakes in WA, OR and CA.
I will be tempted to NOT camp on those spots.

Is it legal to pitch a tent on a beach in Oregon?
Or right there near a lake in Washington state?

Provided of course, you don't jump fences and don't trespass. Please let me be clear about that. Also wild camping etiquette: leave when you are asked to, do not leave any trash/remains behind, make sure you are not visible from the road, etc etc

What do you recommend ?

Rocky Mountain / Re: Fry Canyon Lodge
« on: January 17, 2011, 02:26:20 pm »
hey aggie,

thank you for all this information, it made me realize more that I need to plan ahead to make sure I have plenty water. Not that I realized this before, but asking locals where I can find stations and campings (maybe even calling ahead) is absolutely trivial, or better said "priority one". Dehydration saps so much energy, it could ruin the trip.

If Fry Canyon Lodge is unavailable, maybe I should consider carrying a bivvy sac and sleep in Natural Bridges. It's extra weight but might as well be used in emergencies (no vacancies in the motels).

I have learned about the 261 road to Mexican Hat (Valle) by reading the journal of a Dutch man who did this route. Here is the page which describes his adventure: amazing.

all the best,

Rocky Mountain / Re: Fry Canyon Lodge
« on: January 16, 2011, 03:15:59 pm »
never mind,

I found this blog: where the man tells us that Fry Canyon Lodge is closed. It has been since 2005 (bad water) and the story dates from July 26th 2010... so there is no hope in finding a lodge there. There is a water pump, but maybe not a good idea to drink it.

Rocky Mountain / Fry Canyon Lodge
« on: January 16, 2011, 01:39:20 pm »


On crazy-guy-on-a-bike, I have been reading some journals of people who rode the Western Express. Their stories have made me curious about doing this route myself.

There is one section that puzzles me, and that is the section between Hanksville UT and Blanding UT. The only service between those two (when following US95) is "Fry Canyon Store and RV Park". I picked up some stories about it having a motel (Fry Canyon Lodge), but in no bike journal I have read a report of someone staying there, nor someone had diner, nor someone picked up water.

If I plan to do this route, should I count on finding a lodge there? I really don't like camping so I hope there really is a motel.

The reason why I ask this, is because I could pick up next day going to Mexican Hat (Valle) and Monument Valley. If Fry Canyon Lodge is unavailable I have no other option than to push through to Blanding, missing out on Monument Valley.

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