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Lucky 13, Thanks for the response. I found your Everglades article very helpful. It is very thorough and much appreciated.

Hello Everyone,

 I'm new to the world of forums so I hope I've done this correctly.

My boyfriend and I will be touring in south Florida at the end of the month and I have some questions for people who are familiar with the area. We plan to ride from Fort Lauderdale to Key West following the ACA route, with a side trip to the Everglades for two nights. From Key West we are taking a ferry to Fort Myers and then riding down to the Tamiami Trail and back to Miami, then Fort Lauderdale.

I am particularly interested in "wild" camping on the Florida Keys. Has anyone here successfully done it and where? Also, in the slim chance anyone will also be down there we would love to share campgrounds (we have already reserved many nights but they are so expensive! same price as they charge the RVs- $42!) We are also looking for suggestions for cyclist friendly (and cheap) accommodations in Fort Myers and Miami/Miami Beach. We have the ACA Maps but I like to know from others' experiences which were the best.

I am also looking for suggestions on a route from Fort Myers Beach to the Tamiami Trail east of Naples. Anyone familiar with navigating this urban area? So far we have looked on Google maps and charted our best guess of a route through the cities.

Any other suggestions about interesting stopping points or favorite places to eat are always welcome. We are both very interested in natural history and wildlife watching opportunities along the way. I can't wait to see alligators! (on our way through Florida last winter it was way too cold for any of them to be out of their burrows.)

We are very experienced cyclists, having ridden our bikes over 5,000 miles last winter from Portland, OR to San Diego, CA, to St. Augustine FL all using ACA maps.  Check out our blog @

Thanks for any of your input!

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