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General Discussion / Re: Leaving tomorrow!
« on: July 29, 2011, 05:52:00 pm »
Thank you so much for the kind words everyone. It means a lot to know there are friendly people out there who are ready to give support and encouragement.

For better or worse (but ultimately for better as it was not an easy decision and I would not have made it if I didn't think it was the right thing to do) I have stopped  :-\

I went into the whole thing without any idea of what it would be like. I kind of did this on purpose to make the experience a more random and interesting the end it has been my downfall. I stopped because I did not see that things would change for quite a few weeks (if at all) and continuing for that long while not enjoying it would have completely destroyed any interest and motivation I have in cycle-touring. Tourista829: you make a good point by saying you cannot fail if you are having fun...I simply wasn't having fun.

As they say you live and learn and you don't know if you don't try!!

The main thing I have learnt (besides how hot it gets in southern America) is how I want to approach cycle touring in the future. To make it across America in the time I was allowed in the country, I would have had to ride a long distance pretty much everyday. I know now that that is not the way I want to do a cycling trip. As has been my backpacking style over the last eighteen months, I would much prefer to have little pressure of time so that I can stop for a few days (or however long I feel like) in places I like. With cycling, I guess there is a compromise needed between moving over a given distance and chilling out in each place...but planning a three-month trip where there is no possibility of really chilling out along the way was just silly.

Ever positive: rather than think I have given up (though I still have an embarrassing big fat tail between my legs that I need to somehow remove)... I see myself as simply adapting my plans based on what I have learnt. I am currently looking into places in America where I can have a much shorter (maybe two to three weeks), enjoyable, more relaxed cycling trip. The Transam route will always be there after all, so I can wait until I am better prepared physically and mentally.

So...any suggestions of a great two-three week route? (I am thinking northwest America as very soon I will be settling in Vancouver or Vancouver Island to live and find work, which means I could cycle to my new maybe the Oregon coast??)

Thanks again  :) I appreciate all the input very much!!!!


General Discussion / Re: Leaving tomorrow!
« on: July 26, 2011, 05:15:29 pm »
Thanks for the advice and encouragement everyone!! I have made the whole trip harder for myself than was necessary...totally bit off more than I can chew...but I am sure it would have been hard anyway. Almost gave up yesterday but sticking it out so I can work out the best way to enjoy the experience. Have been getting on the road at 6am when I can see outside and finishing about noon. I am hoping other people will be out there on the Transam once I get there as I have not met any other cyclists yet.

General Discussion / Re: Leaving tomorrow!
« on: July 23, 2011, 02:43:39 pm »
Thanks guys  :)

Yes...I'm certainly not doing this at the best time of year!!!! Hopefully I can survive the cold but for the moment it is the heat I am worried about and so...

I think I need some advice -

(I was originally going to do the whole Transamerica from east to west but for a few reasons ended up starting in Charleston, aiming to head northwest until I hit the Transam, which I will then join)

Right now I am in Georgia (Augusta on the border of South Carolina) and I am not enjoying the riding because of the heat. It is reaching over 100 degrees here...yesterday for example it was above 90 by 9am and was still above 90 after 9pm! For me this has meant that riding is near impossible after noon (the heat off the road is so torturous (and unhealthy) I have to stop and cool down every 6 miles or so). I might have been able to cope with this if I wasn't camping each night: I got very little sleep because of the heat and this meant that I did not recover each day. I deteriorated to the point where I am now holed up in a motel assessing my options.

My best idea is to continue west to Atlanta and then head north through Nashville and join up with the Transamerica in western Kentucky. (I could just head north from Augusta but I don't think I would survive the Smoky Mountains at this point). Along the way I will stay in cheap motels (anywhere with air conditioning) and leave camping for later on in the trip. I have checked out weather forecasts and it seems it will not be so hot along the Transam as it is in South Carolina and Georgia.

Does anyone has any better ideas?

...and upon a re-read I just got your 'safe cycling' joke indyfabz.  ;D (Either that or it's just my dirty mind...)

General Discussion / Leaving tomorrow!
« on: July 18, 2011, 05:00:40 pm »
"Hi everyone, I would like you to meet my new girlfriend. Her name is Shiela and she is the love of my life! Not only is she really nice and fun to be around but (and don’t tell her I said this) she comes with an impressive rack too (so big it can support a load of camping gear!) But don’t get jealous boys because we are officially an item and over the next few months we will be spending many long hours getting to know each other very intimately. I am quite confident that with my charms and adventurous spirit I will be lubricating her chain in no time, ready to mount her and ride her hard all through the day with the stamina of a champion. We will soon be doing it in all sorts of exciting places but no matter whether it’s along romantic deserted beaches or in busy towns where we will be plain view of anyone who wants to watch, we will constantly be enjoying getting all hot and sweaty together as we grind our way on and on for hours on end. And every day as the sun disappears over the horizon, we will reach an unforgettable climax as we collapse in a tangle of body and bike parts, smiling quietly to each other because we know we have once again shared an incredible experience together. Greatly exhausted but also deeply satisfied, we will fall asleep under the stars, side-by-side, hand-in-handlebar, ready to wake up for another day of cycling across America."

I am an Australian who is finally prepared to set off tomorrow (Transamerica) on a bike ride across your great country, armed with Adventure Cycling maps and advice, as well as my trusty tent and camping stove. I have absolutely no experience in doing such a thing so there are sure to be a few stories to come out of the journey. I will be writing about the trip at "". I hope it might be an entertaining resource to inspire others wanting to do the same thing. Please don't hesitate to check it out. I have just spent the day finishing setting up my bike and so the latest entry discusses the bike I chose and accessories I fitted.



General Discussion / Re: Does a bum toughen up?
« on: March 24, 2011, 06:39:11 pm »
Thanks everyone!!! You have helped me make a firm decision...I am not going to bother packing the saddle!

General Discussion / Re: Does a bum toughen up?
« on: March 23, 2011, 11:28:13 am »
Thanks for all the advice! I will try my housemates' bikes on a few long rides and see how I go with different saddles. I ultimately want to just use the one on the new bike as otherwise I would have to fly over with my current saddle and as I am moving to North America to live for a while I am already struggling with luggage space and weight.

General Discussion / Does a bum toughen up?
« on: March 23, 2011, 09:55:48 am »

If your bum gets sore when you start using a new saddle, does it just toughen up over time, or will it cause long-term problems?

I haven't ridden long distances before but plan to do the TransAm in the summer. The bike I am training on (just a crappy mountain bike I bought second-hand when I arrived in Wales) seems to have a suitable saddle as my bum hasn't gotten sore at all. As I am living in Wales at the moment I plan to buy a complete bike when I arrive in America. I am wondering whether I should take the saddle with me and fit it to my new bike (which might mean carrying the spare saddle that comes with my new bike) or just put up with the saddle that comes with the new bike.

Any advice appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Traveling This Year? too
« on: March 21, 2011, 08:40:39 am »
No worries. Maybe once you have been in S.C. for a while you will have suggestions of a bike shop to visit?

Sounds like you have a great plan. I am still unsure whether I will ride up into Virginia or do something similar to you and just join the TA along the way. I am a little more focused on getting to the other end though: I have missed the last two Australian summers and so I really want to spend some time on some nice beaches on the west coast...and I am only allowed in the country for three months.

All the best...and yeah maybe we will cross paths!

General Discussion / Re: Traveling This Year? too
« on: March 14, 2011, 02:07:28 pm »
Hey Steven,

Do you have an idea of a route? I am planning to cycle across America on the Transamerica, also starting in July, and also starting in South Carolina...probably starting in Charleston (have a friend there to visit) and might cycle up to the official start point in Virginia.

I am Australian and have never been cycle-touring before...going to buy a bike over there and get some gear from

Any chance you know of a good bike shop in Charleston or elsewhere in S.C. where I could get set up? From what I have found on the internet, the 'Charleston Bicycle Company' may have the best range of bikes???


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