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General Discussion / Biking in the Northeast vs VA Trips
« on: March 20, 2004, 03:53:12 pm »
I'd like you northerners here to tell me if I'd have a good time going biking somewhere up north like Maine or Vermont (I live in NC and go up to Virginia to bike alot).  Are there any good trails there?  Not looking for a huge mountain... for example, here's how a trip to Virginia for biking started out:

Located in southwest-central Virginia, Shot Tower State Park's main attraction is the Shot Tower, which was used more than a century ago to make lead for settlers' guns. Because of a map misunderstanding, my dad and I ended up here - had to go a few miles down the road for the biking. The tower is pretty cool, but I didn't go inside. Who wants to pay three dollars to admire centuries-old hunks of granite?

But the interesting part is in the nearby biking. Trails include those on the New River Trail State Park, which I visited and rode along. The trail winds along the wide New River, and to my surprise, the New River is actually on of the oldest rivers in the world - even older than the Nile.

I have posted the resthere if you'd like to read it.

How do the two compare?

General Discussion / Recumbent Bike Touring
« on: March 20, 2004, 03:54:16 pm »
Sounds cool... I'd like to  try a recumbent bike, if I could fork up the dollars  :confuse:

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