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A couple of years ago, I remember there being the Golden Circle Route on the Adventure Cycling Association page. People could either start in Skagway or Haines, Alaska, ride to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, then ride to either Haines or Skagway at the other end. If I remember correctly, it was available as both a guided and non-guided route. If the Adventure Cycling Association has dropped this route, it would be nice to know if any of the materials still exist to help people plan their route.

For non-Alaskans interested in this route, Sockeye Cycles in Skagway and Haines offers a nine-day guided version of this route, Also, if anybody plans to do much riding or driving in Alaska or on the Alaska Highway they should get a current copy of The Milepost,, which has mile-by-mile listings of all the businesses and attractions you'll find. The Milepost also has info on elevation gain and mileages between communities (realize that most highways in Alaska are two lanes, one each way, and some of them have minimal shoulders). For more information on Alaska cycling, go to the Alaska Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance page (check the resource links down the right column),

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