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Gear Talk / Re: GEAR - It's adding up! Where can I compromise?
« on: March 10, 2011, 08:32:47 am »
I'd start off a little heavier and send stuff home, as you progress through your trip.
Funny thing is...  That is what most folks who think they are already packing very light are actually doing their first trip.  I know that on my first tour (the TA) we thought we had packed pretty light and yet we mailed stuff home numerous times and trimmed the list further on subsequent trips.

We were all fairly experienced campers having done some backpacking, canoe camping, and other stuff.  So I expect that someone who has done less camping would be likely to over pack even worse.

General Discussion / Re: I was asked a question today...
« on: March 10, 2011, 07:49:30 am »
On a long trip, say, the TA, do cyclists usually reach towns frequently enough to allow a female the privacy she needs to use the restroom?
In a word, no.  There are days where you don't see a town all day.

That said squatting in a ditch when there isn't any traffic isn't the end of the world.  I did the TA with two young women and they managed fine.

General Discussion / Re: I don't like dogs! (around my bike)
« on: March 07, 2011, 09:50:11 am »
Where will you be riding?  The problem is much greater some places than others.

We were chased by quite a few dogs in Missouri and Kentucky and pretty much nowhere else when on the TA.  In the Central Valley in California we also chased by quite a few dogs and they seemed more vicious on average than the ones in Missouri and Kentucky.  Everywhere else we have ridden dogs have been generally a non issue.

Our usual approach is to outrun them.  We experimented with different things and found that yelling was "Bag Dog" way more effective than "Go Home".   We also found that spraying with a water bottle worked most of the time.  Halt works OK, but I generally don't bother to carry it.

As far as the stopping so they will lose interest approach...  That may work much of the time, but it resulted in the one on tour dog interaction that actually scared me and made me think I was actually in danger.  Putting the bike between you and the dog only goes so far when there is more than one dog.  When I was off my bike and being harassed by a doberman and a pit bull mix in the central valley I did wish for a can of Halt, but will continue to ride without one.

I haven't ridden all that much of the coast, but did ride a bit of it.  Canisters were pretty available everywhere we went in Oregon coast or otherwise.

I can definitively say that when we crossed the US in 2007 that in the middle of the country the WalMarts did not stock the canisters, so if someone tells you that all WalMarts carry them I'd be inclined to doubt whatever they say about it.  I know that isn't directly relevant to the coast though.

This may be a bit less relevant yet, but in the Sierras we found them to not be any where near as available as we expected.  We wound up using our pop can stove for a a few weeks before we found a canister in Yosemite.

I'd suggest taking a pop can stove just in case.  Our pop can stove added less than an ounce to the load since it shares the same pot and windscreen.

Gear Talk / Re: GEAR - It's adding up! Where can I compromise?
« on: March 04, 2011, 10:32:41 am »
Re: re: the tights.  I took tights on my big tour, and was glad I did.  There were a couple of cold days I wore them the entire day (including 34 degrees coming downhill from Guffey!).  I had the $30 unlined light cheapies from Performance.  I don't have that much difficulty getting them off, and even wore them a few evenings in camp when the zip-off pants weren't warm enough.

For comparison, wore my leg warmers to commute this week.  A bit chilly at 45 degrees; I was happy to get inside after a half hour of that.

I own a bunch of different weights of tights ranging from thin and silky inside and out, to the ones that are a tiny bit fuzzy inside, to ones that are more fuzzy inside, to thicker "windproof ones".  Each one is a step warmer.

My leg warmers (Novara Thermal Tech from REI) are thicker than some and somewhat windproof.  Leg warmers come in a lot of different weights, but I like these.

I used thin tights on the Trans America and they were OK.  I used the leg warmers this past year in the Sierras and they were almost as warm as my windproof tights (which I have never taken on tour).  Those few times that it was really cold I just put my lightweight cheapie rain pants on over either the leg warmers or tights.  Funny thing is that I have never worn my rain pants to ride in the rain.  I have worn them in camp and have (rarely) ridden in them when it was below freezing.

FWIW, I don't find leg warmers that much easier to take off.  I wear my tights over my shorts so they are just about as easy to remove.

Tights are nicer for sleeping in, wearing in camp, or wearing under the zip off leg pants like long underwear.  That said I used the legwarmers on my last tour to save weight.

I typically trail run much more often than I ride these days.  So I use my tights for running way more than for riding, but here is my take on the weights of tights.  The caveat is that most of the experience it is based on is from trail running not bicycling.
  • Thin tights, silky inside and out - OK in the 30's and 40's for running.  For riding maybe the 50's and not too deep into the 40's
  • Still thin, but a tiny bit fuzzy inside - OK in the mid 20's, 30's, and low 40's for running.  For riding maybe the 40's and 30's
  • A bit thicker, fuzzier inside - OK in the high teens, 20's, and 30's for running.  For riding maybe the 40's and and down to 30 or so.
  • Thicker windproof ones (the backs of the legs are less windproof) - These are good for the 20's to subzero running.  For riding maybe the mid 30's to zero-ish.

The above is just an approximation and individual preferences, wind conditions, and other factors might skew the list.

Gear Talk / Re: GEAR - It's adding up! Where can I compromise?
« on: March 03, 2011, 02:39:57 pm »
They are cheap and don't weigh very much at all. In fact, I'd bring two: one for the above uses, and one as a ground cloth for the tent.
I think the smallest size you are likely to carry (6' x 8') is typically about a pound and a half.  That will fit in with some packing strategies, but not others.  I don't think they are a good idea for weight conscious packers.  My guess is that folks who strive to get below 40 pounds are probably not too likely to opt to carry a blue tarp and folks trying to get below 30 pounds almost certainly won't.

I consider myself to be moderately weight conscious, but not an ultralight camper or a weight weenie and I'd skip taking even one and wouldn't even consider taking two.  I used to use a substantially lighter ground cloth and pitched it into a trash barrel in Virginia during purging of gear to get rid of extra weight.  I have not replaced it and have not missed it on subsequent tours.

If you must carry a ground cloth (I typically opt not to these days), a piece of tyvek would weigh a bit less than half what a blue poly tarp weighs.  Depending on the thickness plastic sheeting can be a bit less yet.  You could save some weight by cutting the hemmed edges and grommets off of the tarp, but would lose functionality and still be heavier than tyvek.

Gear Talk / Re: GEAR - It's adding up! Where can I compromise?
« on: March 03, 2011, 08:45:02 am »
Here is a link with the list:

Bike -Surly LHT $1000
Rear Rack $130  I am quite happy with my $50 Blackburn EX-1.  If anything it is more rack than I need.
Rear Panniers (WATERPROOF)$180 $49.99 for Nashbar Waterproofs (sale price, but they seem to be on sale very often) seem fine to me and are holding up well after several longish tours including a TA
Front Rack (Surly or small version) $130 If you are talking about the Surly Nice Rack it must be one of the worst choices possible.  It is expensive and heavy.  I think I paid about $15-20 for my lowrider clones and they are light sturdy and functional.
Front Panniers (WATERPROOF)$120$39.99 for Nashbar Waterproofs (sale price, but they seem to be on sale very often) seem fine to me
Seat Bag (good for storing tire repair kit) $35 the little bags that just fit a couple tubes and a few tools are perfect and cheap.  I think I paid $10 for my Transit Speed wedge.  There are tons of choices for $15
Comfortable Saddle (personal choice---not racing seat!) $100 Personal preference, but I'd be happy with the one that comes with the LHT
Water Bottles $8 EACH Catch them on sale at performance or nashbar.  I usually pay about $5
LED Flashing Tail Light $15 I use something like the Viewpoint Flashback from performance.  I think I have usually waited til they were on sale for $5.99
Camping Headlamp $25 I actually pay a bit more for this one (Petzl Tikka 2 $29.99) but there are some that are cheaper and OK.
Mirror (mounted on handlebar) $15
Air Horn $25 Never wished for one even a single time when on tour
Fenders/Mub Flat $50 $39 Planet Bike Hardcore
Pedals $89 Yep
Bungie Cords / Webbing Straps (2-3) $5
Bike Lock (key/combo cable is sufficient; U-Locks=heavy/overkill) $25OK
Reflectors (or reflective safety vest or reflective clothes) $15
Total = $715 (1,252 -already spent)

Helmet (proper size & fit) + optional Visor $50
Shoes w/ steel shank in shoe (bike nashbar) $100 Personally I prefer Sidi Giau's for about $120
Cycling Jersey or Synthetic T-Shirt (2-3) $50 EACH (X2) $100 I've never payed more than half of that.  For bike specific items I buy house brands at Nashbar or Performance when on sale.  For non bike specific I buy name brand from someplace like Ross or from a Nike Outlet many of my Nike shirts were $6-8
Cycling Shorts (x2) $100 (X2) $200 Sounds like a lot.  I usually pay about $65 on sale for Pearl Izumi Attack Shorts.  Some of the house brand stuff at Performance is OK and often on sale even cheaper.
Compression Socks $45 why?  do you have a circulation problem?
Cycling Gloves (1 pr. / 2 pair if on long tour heavily padded) $30
Cycling Socks (Synthetic / Wool; 2-3 pr. i.e. Coolmax) $25 (6 PACK)
Total = $550 ($100)

Long-Sleeve Jersey / Light-Mid Synthetic/Wool Zip Shirt (1) $40
Cycling Long-Tights $120 $120!!!!!! Buy tights with no chamois (wear over your shorts) from performance or nashbar.  I wait for sales and spend between $20-30 That said I have not been taking tights on tour. I take a pair of $29.99 leg warmers.
Rain Jacket + Pants $80 total
Synthetic Helmet Liner / Skull Cap / Fleece or Wool Hat (1) $10
Total = $170

Tent (1/2 man)+(rainfly;poles;stakes;stuff sacks;ground sheet)( no steaks; dome tent) $300
Aluminum Gutter Nails (for tent;walmart) $5
Sleeping Bag (15-20F Down / Synthetic) $35
Nylon Stuff Sacks (various sizes; for clothes + gear) $20 each x2 $40
Backpacking Stove (in stuff bag or cook pot) $50
Head Lamp (walmart) $15
CAMPING GEAR (continued)
Painter Plastic rolls (for ground;various thickness;walmart;cut 4-5 sheets right size) $cheap
Fuel Bottle (liquid gas/denatured alcohol or 8oz butane canister) $20 If you go alcohol use the bottle it comes in.
Utensils: Spork / Spoon+Fork+Knife set (lexan / titanium) $5
Water Filter/UV Purifier/Aqua Mira(for backcountry or int’l travel) $15
Portable Camp Chair (i.e. CrazyCreek or ThermaRest chair-kit) $30 I'd skip this one.
Air Mattress/Pad+Stuff Sack (i.e.Therm-a-Rest; Insul-Mat; Z-rest) $75
Clothes Pins (6-8; for drying clothes / securing bike cover at night) $CHEAP
Mosquito Head Net (used in buggy areas like AK or MN) $10
Total = $600

Voice Recorder (MUST HAVE) $30 Really?
Digital Camera/Video (+ accessories) $260
Pen + Sharpie (WATERPROOF) + Highlighter (for marking maps) $15
Small Padlock (for hostel lockers---if using) $5I naver carried one and never missed it.  You could pick up along the way if you found you really needed it.
Total = $660

FOOD BAG (not included in budget, still ??)
50’ Nylon Cord (for hanging food; carabiner attached+’rock’ sack) $10
Meals + Snacks $10/day
Multi-Spice (i.e. Mrs. Dash) or Individual Spices (in canisters) $5
Sports / Energy Drink Mixes (i.e. Gatorade powder) $?? total
Meal Saver Vacuum-bag systems (Vacuum-Seal Storage Bags) $30I don't get this one.  How would you seal stuff on the road.
Total = $??

PERSONAL ITEMS A bunch of this stuff is consumable and not gear.  Over a long trip you will spend a lot more than this
Sunglasses (+ case; extra lenses; neck strap; cleaning cloth) $60
Sunscreen (SPF 30+ water/sweatproof; spray=more convenient) $10
Insect Repellent (20-25% DEET or alternative) $10
Lip Balm (i.e. Chapstick / Blistex) $3
Phone Calling Card $10
Total = $93

Travel Towel (i.e. MSR Pack/Towl or chamois) $15
Soap / Shampoo; (i.e. Mtn/Camp Suds / Dr. Bonner’s) $15
Toothbrush + Toothpaste + Floss or Floss-Sticks $5
Skin Cream (i.e. Noxema or Aloe Vera)---good for wind/sunburn $15 Buy if and when needed.
Disposible Razor (+ shaving cream)---or substitute $10 Shaving cream?  Use soap or even plain water.
Ear Plugs (for sound sleeping in woods, hostels, etc.) $5
Multi-Vitamins $5
Total = $70

Storm Matches $10 Never bothered with these but if I did, I'd make my own.
Mace (Halt! Dog repellent) $10 I wouldn't bother.  I carried some on the TA, but only because someone who was finishing their tour gave me what was left of theirs (maybe 1/4 of a can and I didn't use it up in the next 4000+ miles that I carried it).
Whistle $5 Carried one for a while, but didn't find it all that useful.
Total = $25

Air Pump (mini / mid size; pack in pannier/bag instead of frame) ($25)
Patch Kit + Tire Levers $20 / $15
Spare Tubes 1-3 (+1 spare tube for trailer, if using) $5 EACH X3
Presta / Schrader Valve Adapter (1-2) $10$1.50
Tire Pressure Gauge $15
Degreaser (Gunk or biodegradable type) $10 Skip and buy along the way only if you really miss it.
Chain Lube (Pedros, White Lightning, etc.) $10
Spokes (3-6; sizes specific to your wheel) (OWNED)
QR Axle $15 Very unlikely to be needed, not worth carrying.
Trailer QR Axle + Retaining Pins (if using trailer) $5
Brake Pads (specific to your bike) $10
Spare Tire (folding bead---for bike or trailer) $30-$50 EACH (35mm Schwalbe Marathon Supremes)Overkill, in 50+ years and hundreds of thousands of miles of riding I have never had a flat that couldn't be booted.
Brake/Shift Cable $20
Nuts + Bolts + Bailing Wire (specifically for racks, brakes, etc.) Keep the nuts and bolts to a minimum.  Bailing wire?  I/ve never needed it and been unable to find something by the side of the road.
Bicycle Multi-Tool (i.e. Topeak Alien II)---or indiv tools below: $30 I've been very happy with the Ascent Bare Bones tool and usually find it on sale for either $5.99 or $6.99
Screwdrivers; Wrenches: 2-10mm Allen; Spoke; Pedal; Cresent) $20
Chain Tool + Spare Link(s) $10
Cassette / Freewheel Removal Tool $10 Spend a bit more for a Unior Cassette cracker since it works with no other tools required.
Total = $255 ($25)

Multi-Tool / Pocket Knife (i.e. Leatherman/Swiss Army/Gerber) $30
Duct Tape & Electrical Tape (small roll; 1+ yd.) $5 Duct tape, take a few feet of it wrapped around some other item.  Electrical tape, bum or buy only if needed.
Plastic Zip Ties (various sizes) $5
Glue / Liquid Thread Lock (Crazy / Gorilla/ Loctite---small tube) $10 I have never bothered carrying this.  If something repeatedly comes loose (unlikely) you could buy it when/if needed.

Gear Talk / Re: Best compact camera for a Tour? Help me decide.
« on: March 02, 2011, 05:59:23 pm »
On batteries...  I am inclined to buy a camera with a rechargeable lithium battery.  I then buy one or more spares AND a smaller lighter weight aftermarket charger.  The batteries from the camera manufacturer are typically pretty expensive, but I have usually found aftermarket ones for a fraction of the cost.

Gear Talk / Re: Best compact camera for a Tour? Help me decide.
« on: March 02, 2011, 02:14:29 pm »
How small are you thinking?  Especially if you are going with a small sensor, I'd rethink the 12MP requirement.  The number of MP is seldom the limiting factor wrt image quality.  In fact too many megapixels causes high noise levels which degrades the picture if the sensor is too small.  With a bigger DSLR with a large sensor you may actually be able to take advantage of 12 megapixels, but it will be heavy.

I'd also skip the waterproof requirement.  Non waterproof cameras can typically work well in most touring conditions with a little care.

Personally If I were buying for a tour today I would be very tempted with the Nikon Coolpix 7000.  I had a chance to handle the one I gave my daughter for her birthday and it is a very impressive camera.

I am also quite satisfied with my Olympus PEN E-PL1 (no remote control though).

While I think both are very well suited to touring.  They do not meet all of your stated requirements.

BTW even a P&S can be a very good choice for most touring photography.

Routes / Re: Sierra Cascades, north to south or south to north??
« on: March 01, 2011, 05:55:40 pm »
Pretty much set on doing the SC route this summer in late june. Any thoughts of the winds that time of year and which way they prevail the most? (I did PCH in august from the "preferred" north and the trip was a breeze (literally) with nice tail winds all the way. Just wondering if anyone had any "preferred" direction of the Sierra Cascade route. Thanks

It is pretty hard to be sure the passes will be open and not have extreme heat going S to N.  Last year we started in San Diego on June 4th and were sweating whether Tioga Pass would be open.  They try to have it open Memorial Day, but it is never a sure thing if it will be open before the 4th of July.  BTW when I said sweating I meant figuratively, but we were sweating literally as well, it was brutally hot for much of the portion before Yosemite and the only camping that was open in Yosemite before July was in the Valley.  That made for a long climb to get out of the valley and to somewhere that we could legally camp.

We only did the lower 1000 miles or so and I hope to go back and either do it all or just the part I have not done.  If I do I will go late season, like mid August, and start in the North hoping to get over the passes before snow and into the desert after it is cooler.

Timing is tricky unless you like riding in 110F heat (I don't).

Gear Talk / Re: Touring weight
« on: February 28, 2011, 02:14:32 pm »
I'll mark a few places where I differ inline in red.  Obviously your preference will be different, but there is a good bit of stuff in the list that is certainly optional

It seems like it would be decidedly inconvenient to have stuff needed to pitch the tent scattered in multiple locations.

I would also note that you can get by with one kind of soap for washing body, hair, clothes, and dishes.

Here's the list ............. please comment away!

Left front pannier                                                                            7.3
Main compartment                        
   eee pc in sleeve & orange drybag                    2.2 Your call, but I'd pass on this one.
   street clothing in plastic bag            1.8      
   short sleeve polypro t                     
   long sleeve poly pullover t                     
   zip-off pants                     
   underwear                     Skip
Side compartment                        
   Documents holder, in ziplock bag         0.9         
        extra maps                     
        emergency contacts                     
        calculator Really?  That is one I have never heard of anyone carrying, other than maybe if their phone had one                        
Left rear pannier                                                                           7.8
Main compartment                              
   utensils/misc bag                                           0.4 Is that pounds?  if so it sounds like a lot.
        platypus water container                  
        misc in pill container                     
      push pin                  
      can opener                  One of the tiny p38 military ones right?
        water purification tablets                     
        silver jon-don multi tool            Huh?         
   plastic container bowl               0.4   
        heat barrier                  Huh?   
        sock cap cozy                  
        stoves w/support rings                  
      collapsible cup               
   opsak emergency food bag            0.9   Probably not necessary      
        5 oz. beef jerky in plastic bag                     
        bag of condiments & coffee/tea bags   Easy to add too much weight here.  I know we usually wound up pitching most of the condiments.            
        ramen noodle packet            Buy as you go.         
        sandwich bag of trail mix            Buy as you go.            
        2 instant oatmeal packets                     
        6 coffee filters (straining water)                     
        2 energy bars                     
        water purification tablets                     
   pringles container w/ cook equip         0.2         
        smal measuring cup               Not really necessary.         
        4 oz fuel bottle               Buy Yellow Bottle Heet as you go and use original container.         
        pot support                     
Side compartment                        
   Toiletries                     1.3
   hair brush                     On long tours I buzz my hair off before the tour and am good for at least a couple months without a brush   
   soap/shampoo         One kind of soap for everything including bath, dish, and shampoo.               
   desitin zinc/oxide         Buy when/if needed?            
   razor & shaving cream      I just skip shaving on tour, but shaving with soap or even just water works fine for me.                  
   sink stopper         I never bother with one.            
   toenail clippers         I have carried one but since decided to not bother.  Worst case the scissors and file on my small swiss army knife will suffice               
Top compartment                        
Rear compartment                  0.5   
   spare plastic bags                     
   hammer            Big waste of weight IMO.
   tent stakes            Use something light like MSR needle stakes and carry in bag with tent
Sandal attached to pannier               0.5      
Handlebar bag                                                                           4.9
Main compartment                        
   ipod & earphones                  0.2I either skip this or use it to read audio books.  In the latter case I use a tiny iPod shuffle.   
   cell phone in case                  0.2Skip the case.  Loose in the handlebar bag or in a ziploc is fine.   
   radio                             0.2 I'd skip this one.
   wallet                      0.2 Use a ziploc and leave most of what is in your wallet at home.   
        $$$ & change for showers                     
        drivers license                     
   camera in pack                  0.4a small one with no pack in handlebar bag might suffice.   
   business cards                  0.1
   small notebook                  0.2Redundant if you have a voice recorder, netbook, cell phone, and camera.   
   pen/highlighter/marker               0.2   
   this packing list                  Why?   
   voice recorder                  0.2I'd skip this especially if carrying a net book.
   extra cassettes                  0.1Not needed, see above.   
   eyeglass case w/ spare glasses/sunglasses   0.3                  
   bandana in ziplock bag               0.1   
   insect repellant                  0.1
   big blue knife                  0.3A small knife is fine.
   pain pills                     0.1Buy as you go unless you routinely are on some prescription med.   
   spring clips                          0.1Skip.  Buy if needed.   
   chapstick                     0.1
   sunblock lotion                  0.1
Front compartment                  0.3   
   energy food in OPSAK zip bag      Buy daily and carry in jersey pocket.               
   big pc chalk               Why?      
   scissors               None or tiny one in smallish swiss army knife.      
   toilet paper & hand sanitizer      Personally I'd skip this one.                  
   small camera tripod         Make that tiny one like 4 ounce Pedco Ultrapod 2         
   rain cover for bike computer      I never felt the need for one               
   leg band               Not needed with bike shorts.  The rare times i ride in my zip offs I just roll up the right leg.   
   water purification tablets                                          
Map compartment                     0.4
   itty bitty plastic compass/thermometer                     

Right front pannier                                                                           7.3
Main compartment                     
   Tool/spares bag                  2.0
        kevlar spoke                  If you are carrying a cassette cracker I'd take real spokes.   
        hex wrench for pedals            If you have to assemble bikes at the airport use it and mail it home.      
        small scissors                  Not a real necessity, but if part of small swiss army knife then OK.   
        spare tube                  One is not enough!
        latex gloves                  I don't bother.   
        chain lube, Finish Line teflon               
        to lube all else, Triflow            One lube only.            
        tire boot                  
        needle-nose pliers, small            Probably can skip.      
        itty bitty mending kit                  
        spare cleat bolts                  
        crescent wrench, small            Never needed one      
        stein cassette removal tool         Either take the kevlar spoke and leave this home or take this and a few spokes.               
         mattress repair kit                  
        zip ties various sizes   Don't go crazy on these or maybe skip altogether.  I have rarely even needed them and when I did I have generally found wire by the road when I needed to cobble something back together.
   Warm weather riding clothing            1.3   
        short sleeve jersey
        cycling shorts      
        cycling socks      
   electronics bag                  1.3
        charger cords ... ipod/eee                  
        camera charger                  
        110v to usb plug                  
        multi outlet plug                  
        phone charger                  
        memory stick                  
Side compartment                  1.8   
   bear bag         Do you mean a bear proof bag or one to hang.  It seems like you have a host of bags, either use one of them or reuse a plastic grocery bag.  I have either used a single multipurpose very light weight bag for this and other functions or just used a plastic bag.                       
        50' cord                  
        door locks            I don't get it, door locks?      
        clothes line w/ attached plastic clothes pins    in addition to 50' of cord?               
   bag of spare thingys   I carry none of the stuff in this bag except maybe some AA or AAA batteries, but only a few.            
        spare rubber bands                  
        spare bungies                  
        spare velcro strips                  
        spare rearview mirror                  
        spare voice recorder cassettes                  
        spare opsak bag   The first one is iffy a spare seems like gross overkill.                     
   White bath nylon bag   bag why?               
   empty green dry bag   dry bag why?   
        First aid                  
Right rear pannier                                                                              8.2
Main compartment                  
   tent in purple nylon bag               2.4   Tent on top of rack in original bag.   
   rainfly in green nylon bag            2.2   In bag with tent.   
Side compartment                     
Top compartment                     
Rear compartment                     
   alcohol fuel, yellow Heet bottle         0.5         
Sandal attached to pannier               0.5   
Top of rack                     
black dry bag                                                                                 6.4
   rain covers for bags                  
   rain jacket/pants                  
   helmet cover                  
   sealskinz socks                  
   full finger gloves                  
   arm/leg wamers                  
   merino wool sock cap                  
   merino wool sweater                  
Tilley hat carabined to black bag                     
blue dry bag                                                                                   4.9
   thermarest pad                  
   sleeping bag & liner                  
   sleep stuff in pillowcase                  
   sleep accessories in lil black bag                  
      ear plugs               
      eye cover               
   blowup pillow bladder (put in hat)                  
        ground cloth (strapped to blue dry bag) I skip ground cloth            
        tent poles (strapped to blue dry bag)In bag with tent.                        
caution tranglular flag      I don't bother.               

Forgot to mention that most people probably carry as little food as they can get by with and do not count the weight in their gear list.  I know that I typically weigh it all when packing for the plane and have no food other than maybe a few power bars and no stove fuel at that point.

General Discussion / Re: Place names
« on: February 28, 2011, 09:04:06 am »
My favorite on the Trans America was Bumpass Virginia.

In Lancaster county PA there are some mildly amusing ones including, Blue Ball, Bird in Hand, Intercourse, Climax, and Paradise.

Gear Talk / Re: Touring weight
« on: February 27, 2011, 04:36:37 pm »
It really sounds like you ought to be at 40 pounds or less of gear with that list.  Are there a lot of little things that sneaked in without making the list?  Are some of the items particularly heavy?  What panniers do you have and are they heavy?

Gear Talk / Re: Touring weight
« on: February 27, 2011, 10:56:45 am »
Check out polyester underwear. It sounds yucky at first, but it's surprisingly comfortable and it dries much faster than cotton when you wash them in a sink.
+1 Cotton anything on tour is a bad idea IMO and the poly underwear are great if you need to take underwear.  Since my zip off pants and running shorts both have a mesh brief I generally don't take any underwear, but if I did it would be my synthetic under armor briefs.

Gear Talk / Re: Touring weight
« on: February 26, 2011, 06:07:24 pm »

OK, ya'll are welcometo have a go at my clothes list .............
I won't nit pick your list in detail.  It doesn't look that bad.  I will say this though...

The items you choose can vary pretty widely in weight so some weight can be in the specific items you choose.  Some zip off pants can be extremely heavy and some pretty light.  All of the ones I find at REI and places like that are both too heavy and too expensive to suit me.  I use some really lightweight and inexpensive nylon ones ( that have a built in brief so no underwear is needed.

The rain gear can be heavy or you can use some light coated nylon stuff, the kind that stuff in a little bag and weigh a few ounces.  I think mine are Sierra Designs.  The rain jacket and windbreaker are redundant so the rain jacket is my windbreaker.  Depending on when and where I am going I may leave the pants home.

I only take one long sleeved shirt and it is a pile sweater.  It is used on and off bike.

I don't use the sealskins or arm warmers and don't care for wool, but that is just personal preference.

I take some light nylon running shorts.  I take two pairs if I think I will swim at all on the trip.  They are used to sleep in, to wear around camp, and to swim in.

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