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California / Pacific Coast #3 San Francisco to ... Crater Lake
« on: July 19, 2011, 12:41:30 am »
Hello everybody, I am new here and this is my first post.
I signed up for the Crater Lake Century on Aug 20,2011 and after thinking about travel I decided to make a vacation of it and ride all the way there!
I am starting from Castle Rock State park near Saratoga, CA and plan to do the Pacific Coast route to Crescent City then cross over to Crater Lake area.
The route is almost 600 miles so I am asking for input on what a reasonable travel time is for this trip.
My stats are:
1. I am in good shape and can bike 100 miles in a single day.
2. I will stay in hotels/hostels so I will travel very light.
3. I will be riding my new Cruzbike Quest recumbent so I will not suffer the typical ailments of the upright, like saddle, neck and wrist pain.
4. I will be traveling solo so I plan on riding between 7am to 5pm.
Gear I plan to take are GPS, cell phone, solar recharger (?) camera, maybe a very small video camera, and the other typical bike trip items like tubes, tools, gel packs etc.
My planned start is Sunday Aug 14 which would give me 6 days with no rest, or 5 days with one day rest before the century tour.
Let me know if you all think this is crazy or not...

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