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General Discussion / Re: Gotta eat, but don't want to cook/boil
« on: August 15, 2011, 08:56:00 pm »
Here's an alternative that's not cooking, and not going to a restaurant, kind of-

In preparation for my first tour, I've been experimenting with cooking in my thermos!

So far, I've made really good chili, lasagne (yes, lasagne!), stew, and I've even cooked two chicken thighs, all in my little 18oz thermos food container.

My thinking is this:  at a convenience store when I'm buying beverages or snacks, use their microwave to boil the ingredients of one of these different meals, throw it in the thermos, and hours later it's freaking delicious!

It really makes great oatmeal overnight, too, if you use real oats.  No instant necessary.

Next stop, clean out the thermos in their sink and repeat.

Google thermos cooking and you'll see tons of recipes, etc.

For my expected huge appetite on a long tour, I've got the 48oz Nissan Thermos food container ordered!


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