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The North Carolina Outer Banks, which is an alternate route of the Atlantic Coast route is under mandatory evacuation as of July 31, 2017 and should be closed for up to two weeks. This is because electrical power was cut off from the islands by damage during construction at the Bonner Bridge at Oregon Inlet. Only residents and property owners are being allowed on the Outer Banks. The closure is from Oregon Inlet in the north of the Outer Banks, going south through Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island.

Notification of the closure is here:

I saw their presentation in Raleigh, NC last night. It was very good. They are only scheduled to give this presentation three times in total and the next one is December 11th in New York City.

They spent three weeks traveling by bicycle in the American west this past summer and climbed 45 spires on the trip. They had a film crew with them and made a movie of their trip. It was very good and well worth seeing. If you live in the New York city area you might want to check this out.

The talk is much more climbing than bicycles, but the bicycle parts are very entertaining as they struggle a bit with it as it is not their area of expertise.  You may be familiar with Alex Honnold, he has become rather prominent for his free climbing and speed climbs in Yosemite and is often featured in magazines such as Outside and he has been the subject of a story on 60 Minutes as well.

So, this is just a heads up for people who might be able to attend the presentation on the 11th in New York city. I think you will enjoy it.

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