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Thanks very much litespeed, that is really helpful. We are in Menard now and going to head west to Eldorado and then join the i-10.

Thanks again.

Routes / Eldorado, tx to El Paso, tx - URGENT reply needed if possible.
« on: October 13, 2012, 11:12:49 pm »
Hello all,

I hope you are well. Sorry for this "urgent" request, but having done all the research I am having doubts about our route from Eldorado to El Paso. Options:

1) Take the 1-10 to Van Horn and then follow Southern Tier route.
2) Cycle up to Pecos and then travel down the 20 onto the 10 (longer and still on highways)
3) Any other options greatly appreciated.

We are in big hurry so the quickest route would be great. (I would love to joing the southern tier, but not an option atm)

Our website is , we are airming to get across in around 27 days, and have had quite a few bike issues so would really appreciate your help with this one.

Many thanks in advance William

Thanks a lot, we were definately thinking of avoiding Houston, trying to circumvent it northwards via humble or Conroe, not sure just yet. Thanks for the tips.

Looking at taking the 290(north west of Houston) - 29 (towards Eldorado) and then 190 towards Pecos.

Sounds alright?


Hello all,

My friend and I startig in Jackonsville to San Diego and are basing our route on the southern tier. We seem pretty much there except for the bit between Beaumont east of Houston and El Paso. Wondered if you could help?

I need to find the quickest route unfortunatley.

I am thinking of going north of texas via humble and on to 290 via Hempsted, Giddings, (not sure best route to get through to 29 to Burnet) Llano, then on the 190 to Iraan then either the 10 and (as suggested in another post) change onto the tx20 to El Paso or 190 at Iraan and go via smaller roads to Pecos.

What do you think?

All help much appreciated, we will be there around middle of October.



Thanks very much Fred and Chris that is really helpful.

I will do some more research along the lines you have suggested, I will be back.
Thanks a again, love the site.

Hello all,

I have been looking back at all the discussion forums and as technology has advanced and memory become less of an issue, I wanted to clarify if the new GPS units such as garmin 800 can hold all the waypoints for the southern tier? On their website it says 200 waypoints, but when I spoke to a Garmin techie at a show last month here in London, he said it will be fine.

I noticed in some older forums stated the 800 was more geared for going over routes you ride yourself rather than uploading lots of waypoints (although I think this was in June 2010).

I am confused to say the least.

I am planning to do the southern tier in October, flying from here in London to USA in late sep, so wasnt sure about waiting till closer to the date, but thought it a good idea to get used to the device first.

All help greatly appreciated.


Classifieds / Re: Southern Tier map set required in uk
« on: November 01, 2011, 03:46:10 am »
Hi Marti,
That is amazing! I would definately pay the shipping plus whatever you want for the maps. Are yours quite recent? No problem i they are not, as I see there are amendums, I am very new to all this so just thought i would ask.

Let me know how much you would need and best way to pay you.

Thanks a lot


Classifieds / Southern Tier map set required in uk
« on: October 25, 2011, 02:10:51 pm »
Hello all,

Just wondered if anyone wants to sell their southern tier map set? Being from UK the whole set is a bit lumpy with the shipping. Thanks a lot


Routes / Re: Southern Tier - Oct 2012 Questions about maps and route
« on: October 25, 2011, 02:01:33 pm »
Thanks again all, I think the southern tier sounds like the route to take, as you say, I should just pedal faster and enjoy the quiet beauty rather than head to the impassable bridges and bonkers traffic.

Routes / Re: Southern Tier - Oct 2012 Questions about maps and route
« on: October 20, 2011, 04:20:15 pm »
Thanks a lot guys, that is really helpful. I will be back with more questions!

Routes / Re: Southern Tier - Oct 2012 Questions about maps and route
« on: October 18, 2011, 04:12:17 pm »
Thanks a lot that is really helpful, that was what i was looking for as couldnt really work out the googles maps cycle directions, seem to say turn left or right every 10 yards.

Do you guys know where I can try and make the shortcut?? I will try and pedal faster to avoid the cold. Are there any no go areas when it is cold? Sorry to be a noobie, maybe I should wait until i get the maps delivered.

Good to know the road bike should work out.
Thanks again, this website is great

Routes / Southern Tier - Oct 2012 Questions about maps and route
« on: October 17, 2011, 05:26:43 pm »
Hello all,

I have being reading and reading the posts, and think I am now ready to ask a couple of questions. A buddy and I are from London UK and planning on cycling East - West on the majority of the southern tier. St Augustine to San Diego.  The main questions are:

1) I am going to buy the ACA southern route maps, but do they also cover alternate routes, or does it simply show one road/trail? My friend and I like to go off route a bit, sometimes by judgement, othertimes because we have appauling sense of direction and get lost.
2) We are pretty short of time so would like a slightly shorter version and try and avoid the 8800 ft climb, any ideas? We google mapped the beta bike route application and it comes out around 2400 miles. Any feedback would be great e.g. definatley avoid this shortcut!!
3) Bike. I have a trek 2.1 road bike and wondered if this is going to work or do we need more of a tourer? We have a friend who is supporting us.

Thanks very much

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