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Routes / Best way (cheapest) to get bike and gear to the route start
« on: November 16, 2011, 09:25:03 am »
I plan on leaving St. Augustine right around January 10th and am trying to decide the best way to get all of my stuff there.  I will be leaving from the RI area.  I found a cheap plane ticket, but what's the best way for the bike?  Thanks for the help!

Routes / Re: Number of Cycle Tourists on the Southern Tier?
« on: November 16, 2011, 09:20:05 am »
I'm headed west on the Southern Tier starting right around January 10th so I'll pass you somewhere along the way!

Thanks for the info!  Motels will be my main goal, and hopefully food won't be incredibly expensive...

Hey everyone,

I am planning on doing a solo trip (although a friend may accompany on a moped or scooter) alone the Southern Route from St. Augustine to San Diego.  I plan on leaving in early January and am worried about some weather along the way.  Most notably the mountain ride in Texas/New Mexico.  Please help with any suggestions or comments!  Also, I currently have a Wellington 1.0 road bike and hope that is good enough.  I have been looking at getting gator skin tires or marathon pluses.  Any thoughts would be much appreciated! 

One last note, any ideas on housing/camping.  I'm hoping to not have to camp outside very often but obviously don't want to go broke either!  Thanks!! 

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