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Classifieds / FS: Brand new Brooks Team Pro chrome saddle
« on: January 28, 2015, 02:31:50 pm »
Selling my brand new Brooks Team Pro. Too narrow for my sit bones. Paid $190 new, will sell for $150 or best offer + shipping.

Reply here or email Andy.grow at

Located in Grand Haven, MI 49417


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Gear Talk / In desperate need of your opinion on wheelsets and bikes...
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:12:46 am »
Okay, here's my first world dilemma. Stick with me's kinda messy but I'll keep it as clear as I can...

I've got a pretty much stock Pugsley with the double-wall Large Marge wheelset with Knards mounted on 'em.

All this crap is stuck in my head as I move away from racing and more towards adventure cycling / bikepacking.

The Pugs is my only mountain bike...but I'm wanting a Karate Monkey Ops (I'm a big Surly fan - also have a Disc Trucker)...

So here's my choices.

First, do I lighten up the Pugs by going to a Marge Lite wheelset? If so, I have two choices - buy new Marge Lite wheelset OR build with new rims and spokes, using current hubs. Or, do I just stick with the stock Large Marges and not worry about losing the couple of pounds?

Second...transform the bike into a KramPugs by adding a Rabbit Hole 29+ wheelset...again, two choices here - buy new Rabbit Hole wheelset OR build with new rims/spokes/hubs (or hubs from Large Marge wheelset).

OR - do I ditch the Rabbit Hole 29+ idea all together and just get a Karate Monkey? I've pretty much ruled out a Krampus due to the lack of suspension.

I really suck at making decisions like these. I can afford to do any / all of the choices, but only wanna spend money where it's gonna actually benefit me in the end.

Thanks everyone for your opinions and thoughts!
Ride safe

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