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Routes / Re: Late start to ST
« on: December 04, 2011, 06:22:35 pm »
Thanks for the thoughtful replies!  I'll definitely take a look at the LA - DC route.  Having lived in the midwest for a few years, the idea of riding though there and dealing with summer storms is a little concerning too.  I live near DC now and went to school in LA so very familiar with both ends of that trip.  It would be great to end near my house. 

I'll continue to review the temps based on expected dates.  As you can probably tell, I've done some of that and that is why I'm concerned.  From my perspective living in the southwest (Scottsdale, Tucson, San Diego) for much of my life before the Navy shipped me to other places, I'm not as concerned about the desert portion into Texas.   Before June from what I'm seeing the average high will be in the 90s, with lows in the 50s/60s mostly dependent on elevation.  I see the predawn starts as a great option to avoid traffic and the heat of the day depending on variance from the norm.  I've been in the Navy for a few decades and my son is in the Marine Corps, so we're both very accustom to starting the day early.  I'm actually more concerned with Texas and the coastal south.  I don't know that area as well although a number of trips to Pensacola have convinced me there is no good time of day to ride there starting by mid-June or early July.  Some of the Texas areas, like Austin, don't sound bad at all (average high of 90 at the very end of June), but not knowing the region causes my concern.  I don't want to do something bordering on dangerous; I'd rather cap out at uncomfortable.

Our intent is to minimize camping, although we'll probably take enough for minimal shelter just in case.  If I can map this out where I'm pretty sure we won't need anything, we'll leave it behind.  The desire is to travel light.

Please keep the comments coming!

Routes / Late start to ST
« on: December 03, 2011, 11:25:25 pm »
My son and I are planning to ride the ST starting in San Diego in 2012.  We'd be starting in mid-May (20?) and ending in St Augustine by July 4th.  We are both comfortable with getting up early to get going before the day starts to heat up  (dawn or so).  We think these dates will keep us just ahead of the worst of the heat but I'm looking for any comments.  I know folks say the best time is the fall or spring, but that doesn't work with class schedules, etc.  Is this foolhardy?  I think we're in fairly good shape but living in the DC area means we won't be able to do warm weather training before our departure. 

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