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Gear Talk / Wheel Skewer verses Bolt
« on: March 09, 2012, 03:00:03 pm »
From across pond.
I will be buying Phil Wood hubs for my solo for use on touring and commuting.  I have to choose if I want quick release for a Wheel Skewer, or Axle Bolt fastening.   The axle bolts are allen key/hexagon key drive bolts and if ordered are supplied by Phil Wood, they do not supply wheel skewers.  Is there any particular reason for choosing a Skewer rather than a Bolt or a Bolt rather than a Skewer.

Thankyou all.
I will look into Warm Showers and spread the net a bit wider by submitting a topic on the recommended website.

Our advancing years and creaking bones are more to do with camping out in bad weather with its attendant problems of mud, cooking under cover (or not), striking camp in the wet and pitching again with a wet tent, in wet conditons.  Finding covered accommodation each night will enable us to reduce the amount of kit we need to carry and therefore confident that hills will not be a problem. 

I have also posted this topic in the New England section but I thought to spread the net a bit wider.

We (wife) are Brits and live across the pond.   
Can anyone please point me in the right direction to find information to work out the expected over night covered accommodation costs for a 3-4 week tour in New England to see the Fall Colours of the trees in New England.  We would fly into, and out, of Boston.
We tour on a tandem and in the past have cycled the Northern Tier and the North Star (starting from Seattle) both un-supported and camped along the way.   We are now in our late 60`s, creaking bones  and camping out in the cold and rain is becoming more of a test of endurance rather than an enjoyable experience.  On our way through Vermont and New Hampshire to Maine when we did the Northern Tier it was early August and it was already becoming cool/cold with damp nights/early mornings.
In addition, has anyone a recommended tour route for the above.   

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