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State Route 174 (Chagrin River Road), Cuyahoga County.  Bridge repair just north of Old Mill Road in Gates Mills will again result in a closure of 174 at the Chagrin river in 2012, starting in the spring.  HOWEVER, there is a pedestrian bridge located right next to the closed vehicle bridge (about 200 feet north) that is maintained and open to pedestrian and bicyclists.  In short, NO NEED TO DETOUR, BICYCLISTS MANY USE THE PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE AND CONTINUE ON ROUTE 174 (CHAGRIN RIVER ROAD).

In fact, even if the route 174 bridge is open, I recommend using the pedestrian bridge instead, also provides a nice rest stop. On the south end you access it by a driveway/alley way next to St. Christopher's Episcopal Church, on the north end by a walkway next to a commercial building next to the closed bridge at route 174.

It was built and used by a narrow gage railway to cross the Chagrin River in the early 1900's, and is maintained with private funds by Gates Mills residents for pedestrian use.  County library with WiFi and restrooms, good restaurant (Sara's Place), US Post Office and Village services are also located next to the bridges.

Feel free to email or text or call with any questions,
Patrick Daugherty,

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