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Routes / Great Divide South-to-North Start.
« on: January 29, 2013, 12:58:17 pm »
Planing on doing the GDMBR this summer, South-to-North, as I want to take the train back to the Midwest.  It also seems like I'll have better luck avoiding snowbound passes with a start in June which better fits my schedule.

How do other people handle this?  I'm assuming that flying into El Paso is the best option?  My tentative plans are to fly to El Paso and ride to to the start in Antelope Wells by way of Columbus and Hachita, NM.  Any thoughts on this?  I also noticed that there are a fair number of bike shops in El Paso, has anyone used the option of shipping their bike to their start destination to avoid airline fees?  A friend has used and has good luck with them...

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