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General Discussion / Cycling in Alaska
« on: May 10, 2014, 03:50:19 am »
Dear All,

I am going to start my Trans Canada ride from Anchorage, Ak, this summer.
I wish to go to Banff from Anchorage. Is there any route suggestion? any suggestion on bear repellent?
Camping information, any blog or budget accommodation in anchorage? 

here is my website

Looking forward

Hi there,

We are riding a tandem from Seattle and now at Campaign, IL. Planning to reach DC by 16th August. Is there any preferred route? If not camping is available that will also work.

Riding photos and website


General Discussion / My Horizontal Everest : TA
« on: May 29, 2012, 10:00:05 pm »
Hi There,

This is Muntasir, writing for the first time here. I was planning to have a cross country across USA since last few years and finally I am here in NY to pack my stuff then to reach Seattle within next 12 days. I am just a bike enthusiast by nature and very slow on wheels as i am not really strong and I am from a country which is nearly 100% flat. So this is will be an opportunity to get to know about the route, weather and many more from all of you.

I have tried to read as much as i could and got the map from ACA. My plan is to start it from Seattle to DC. So it will be great to know how/which point will be my meet up point of TA map (as TA starts from Astoria and takes a different route). I tried but could not figure out. If any one could tell me the number of the ACA map (like TA is a set of 11 maps) or name of the route/point.

Mobile network and best mobile operator with Data service:
My ride will get along with a small research based of debris. I have developed a system (nothing but an Android app) to count number of debris (plastic  based) within my eye sight. My mobile will be connected with an website named . So i would need to have data service on my phone. Any suggestion regarding the network and provider (GSM)?

I will place more quarries since I am new comer and never ride such long in one go.

Looking forward to hear from you

Here is the link of my website

About me:

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