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CR ZZ in Wrightstown was closed 9/4/18 between High St. and Dock St. due to rising water on the Fox River.

The closure is weather dependent and could change at any time, but still closed as of 9/17/18. There is no detour posted but an option exists by skirting the tributary of Fox River from High St, to CR D, to E. New Rd. and Outagamie Rd. and back to CR ZZ further west. See this map for more details.

Nathan Taylor
Routes and Mapping

Here is the Inciweb post for the Howe Ridge Fire:

The northern Lake McDonald area (Lake McDonald Lodge, North Lake McDonald Road, and the Avalanche and Sprague Campgrounds, private residences) has been evacuated and is completely closed. The Going-to-the-Sun Rd. is closed from near Apgar to Logan Pass, though it remains open from Logan Pass to St. Mary.

Here is a number for more fire info: (406) 888-7077

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

Here is the Inciweb post for the Boyds Fire:


From WSDOT: Closure due to Boyds Fire on SR 20 from milepost 337 to milepost 342, Inchelium Rd to SR 395 - Barneys Jct. (intersection of US 395 & SR 20), beginning at 5:22 pm on August 11, 2018 until further notice. This location is west of Kettle Falls, on the west side of the Columbia River. No detour has been posted, and cyclists looking to cross the river must travel off route far to the north or south for any options.

The shortest option (EB) involves heading south on Inchelium Rd. to the ferry crossing between Inchelium and Gifford on the east side of the river, then taking SR 25 back north to Kettle Falls, as seen in this map: This detour is ~53 miles long. Take caution, as traffic may be fast, the roads windy, and limited shoulder space available on these roads that may not see much cyclist travel. Reverse the directions for WB. There are limited services in both Inchelium and Gifford, and an NPS campground in Gifford:

Here is the website for the ferry:

Barring the ferry, a northern option involves riding US 395 and Northport Flat Creek Rd. to Northport, then returning on SR 25: a detour of over 65 miles.

Here is the Boyds Fire Information Center phone number 509-481-7064. There doesn't seem to be incident website that is being maintained at this time.

If anyone else has info about getting around this closure and across the river, I implore you to share it here. Thanks!

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

More info on the obstacle:

The trail meets a earthen berm, the other side of which falls away into the pit. See pic below. At least one rider reported they walked their bike down the berm and crossed the pit. The trail does resume on the other side, which is also shown in pic below.

Nathan from ACA

We have received a couple rider reports of the Elk Valley Trail dead-ending at a gravel pit about 4 miles north of Hosmer, BC. We are awaiting a response from local contacts but in the meantime we do not know if the obstacle is temporary or will become a long-term issue. This post will be updated when we receive more information. The suggested detour is to ride PR 3 between Sparwood and Hosmer.

Attached is a screenshot showing the location of the obstacle.

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

SR 21 is closed 0.5 mi. E. of Augusta due to a washed out bridge. The workaround is to eliminate the jog NW on US 287 to Augusta, then E on SR 21 back to SR 200 at Simms. This will mean missing the services that are available in Augusta, so be prepared for a stretch of no services between Lincoln and Simms (limited services). SR 200 between US 287 and Simms is very scenic, rolling terrain through the Rocky Mountain Front, but shoulders are variable with some poorly placed rumble strips. Traffic is fast but generally light.

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

CR 603 between Tabscott and Kents Store is closed due to flooding. A cyclist who called ACA mentioned he spoke to a road worker who said that there may be other closures in the areas due to local heavy rains, but that water levels should start dropping quickly, so closures will likely be temporary. VA DOT has not posted any detours. A workable detour on mostly low traffic county roads (based on satellite imagery, Google traffic data) can be found in the following map link:

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

The Bluewater Ferry across the St. Clair River between Marine City MI and Sombra ON has been compromised by ice dams over the winter of 2018. Officials don't know whether the ferry will re-open.

Multiple new outlets reporting on the situation, including these:

There is a ferry to the south between Walpole Island ON and Algonac MI.
Bicycles are $2.00.
First Ferry from Canada: 6:50 a.m. First Ferry from USA: 7:00 a.m.
Last Ferry from Canada: 9:45 p.m.    Last Ferry from USA: 10:00 p.m.

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

Routes / Re: Memorial Day start for Idaho Hot Springs MBR?
« on: March 19, 2018, 12:45:52 pm »
Most Sawtooth/Salmon River Mountains area snotel stations reporting less than 100% snow water equivalent, not like the +150% we're seeing further north. This is percent of average from 1981-2010. Here is a handy link to the NRCS Interactive Map:

I would say this will be an average to below average year on IHSMBR, unless spring brings a ton of precip. So planning to start a trip late Jun/early July seems reasonable. Early Jun often brings fickle weather to the northern Rockies, not to mention increased temps leading to a lot of runoff; so water levels will be higher. But depending on what happens the next couple months, you could be good. I would keep an eye on weather and check out this map in the meantime.

Hope this helps!


There is a section of SR 106 4 mi. W. of Ellington, MO that will be closed from Aug 10-Sep 11 2017. A signed detour has been posted. According to a cyclist who was recently in the area: "There is a road closed sign approx. ½ mile before the actual closure. At the site where the road is being repaired there is a second barricade. You can exit the highway at the barricade (make a right) and use the dry creek road to get around the area. The county has opened the creek bottom up to local traffic."

Here is a news release of the closure:

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

Thanks threepin. I believe this is the detour you suggest:

It is helpful to hear that the Stryker-Upper Whitefish Rd. goes. I've passed the intersection on the main route, but have never ridden that road. Note the sign at the intersection does call it "Stryker-Upper Whitefish Rd.", not Fitzsimmons Rd.

Great to reduce those highway miles too!

ACA Cartographer

As of 5/2, there are reports that this road closure is no longer in effect. Check the Illinois DOT for confirmation.

Per ODOT, chip sealing/bridge repair project will take place sometime mid-June through September on 30 miles of US 26 between intersection with SR 19 and Mt. Vernon. Flaggers and pilot cars will be directing traffic through the work zone. Plan extra time to ride through the area. Once underway, the project should take about 3 weeks to complete.

See ODOT's media release (attached) for more info. And be sure to check the ODOT website for status as project date nears:

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

Here is a detour option from Featherville to Hailey, which is directly south of Ketchum (and shown on the IDHS Main Route map):

From Featherville, the route departs the Main Route and heads south to Pine on the Pine-Featherville Rd (shown on the map). From Pine, the route heads further south and east but without ever having to ride US 20. The route will eventually hook into Croy Creek Rd. and into Hailey (also on the map), where you could either ride Highway 75 or the Wood River Trail north into Ketchum. Services are available in the town of Fairfield at about the halfway point. And the distance is similar to the Main Route.

If you choose to ride this detour, do so at your own discretion. Check beforehand with IDOT and Sawtooth NF for current condition of the roads.

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

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