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There definitely aren't as many options as if you lived in the mountains, but there are a few. Here are some I'm familiar with:

[li]Then there are the endless miles of dirt roads in the rural Texas counties, unless you're strictly opposed to doing dirt roads. I did a 3ish-day Waco-Abilene-Waco route and made state parks my nightly destinations. The dirt roads around Houston are probably going to be boring, so I'd recommend starting somewhere a little more interesting. North Texas (Denton and beyond) have some amazingly beautiful hill and grassland dirt roads. West of the central texas I-35 corridor is also quite beautiful, hence my starting in Waco. Once you get past I-35 most of the roads other than the state highways become dirt and are quite desolate. They definitely satisfy my craving for desolateness.

Happy riding,

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