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Hi I am about to get me and my beloved marlberry (bicycle ; ) over to the westcoast. I know its not the right time for the southern crossing - but I will give it a try and if it gets to unbearable - I ll hitch hike a truck, sailing boat, or get on a greyhound...

I started my "world tour" in octobre  2011 in my hometown vienna. from there I cycled all down europe - crossing through north italy and over the alps to southern france. following the eastern coast I cycled over to spain and all down to gibraltar. there I started to hitch hike boats and made my way to the spanish Canarian Islands, then to the Cape Verdes, crossing the Atlantique on a 47ft boat (about 2 weeks!) I arrived in the carribean island Martinique. From there on another boat to Cuba - where I spend 2 months cycling across - just wonderful! finally getting a visa for the states I got on an other boat and sailed up to Key West.

Now I am here in the USA - and I want to see my friends on the Westcoast ; )
so what can a woman do that dedicated her tour to the global project of creating, sharing and living objectives for a peaceful and sustainable future on this planet?? ;  )

up to now it was just great to travel on my own - I loved the ultimate freedom of choice - and foolishness ; )   and I enjoyed to learn so much about myself - who am I if nobody is watching ; ) ?
Now I know. not all. but a lot. lately I became a little exhausted and I just think that it would be great and encouraging if I d have some company for some time!

And just if for some days! - come with me!

to see some picturs about my tour so far - check out my blog!
it is embaded in the website - follow "Carteker Lifestyle" then "Deutsch" (sorry text only in german) then "Bärbel's Reiseblog"

OR! hoste me on my way!
I am also in and as "barbara graf"

I am also happy for advises, recommandations ; )

contakt me via mail: barbara_graf(at)


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