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General Discussion / Re: Cross Country on a recumbent bike
« on: December 12, 2012, 10:21:34 pm »
I've done over 10 years self-supported touring with recumbents. Here's what's important to know. Trailers are better than panniers: less bulk than underseat panniers, more balanced than a rear-heavy rear panniers, and overall less weight on the bike. Two-wheeled trailers are vital, essential, and one-wheeled trailers are unsafe and dangerous and will take you down. I was taken down by one (a friend on his recumbent had one and I switched with him to help him out!). I was going downhill in Acadia National Park in Maine at 35 mph and the trailer went into a wild shimmy and took me down. This is not a matter of inexperience or poor handling - I've gone 50 mph downhill. Two wheeled trailers are inherently much more stable, and also take all the weight off the bike. So, please be safe. Several good two wheeled trailers are out there, from the commonly found Burleys to the less common Wike (Canadian) and others.
On another note, recumbents are great for touring - comfortable, good power on flats and downhills. You will work much harder on uphills, but I do it anyway!
Enjoy the ride.
Dave from Madison, WI

General Discussion / Re: recumbent
« on: October 24, 2012, 05:21:38 pm »
A bit more I'll say: 10 years of recumbent touring. Panniers are efficient, but you have to manage them in rain, and if you hit gravel the heavier bike can be hard to get through. Underseat panniers make the bike harder to mount and dismount. I prefer a 2-wheeled cargo trailer, mine is a WIKE. It is the same weight as your combined panniers, very waterproof, easy to manage, visible, rolls through gravel pretty well.
All in all, love touring with the recumbent!

I'd appreciate recommendations. I road and tour. Aluminum vs steel vs carbon: weight vs strength? Eyelets for fenders?

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