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General Discussion / Re: The importance of always wearing a helmet
« on: May 05, 2013, 07:59:44 pm »
The current (June) issue of Bicycling Magazine has an article "Why Your Helmet Should Be Safer" that discusses the limits of current helmet designs and why it's so difficult to incorporate newer and better technology. 

In brief, the author states that modern helmets do a great job of  keeping your head intact in major crashes but do a poor job of preventing concussions.  He describes why that's the case, a couple of better technologies and why it's so difficult to get the CPSC regulations changed to require them.  Worth reading.

I was reading at and was amazed at the statistics! Personally, I am on the fence about helmets, mostly because I have yet to find one that fits properly, I get a headache after about 5 minutes.  Then I end up modifying it, so then, is it really any good anymore (or even in the first place)?

Routes / Re: Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive input
« on: April 30, 2013, 10:45:14 pm »
The book arrived in the mail last Thursday.  What a great writeup!  I feel much better about the trip now that I know where to go... and NOT go.  That extra info will really allow me to relax and ride rather than obsess over making the next legal place to stay.

One question has come up... Should I continue to train up to departure day or is there a reccomended regimine?

Routes / Re: Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive input
« on: April 20, 2013, 11:11:39 pm »
Thanks again pd!
Almost ready to go!!!! 8)

Gear Talk / Re: MTB tires
« on: April 18, 2013, 08:43:16 pm »
I ended up with Schwalbe Marathon 420's in 26x1.5.  Have taken them out a few times, very happy.  They are deceptively deep groved and have had no problem on any harder surfaces.

Made that decision with the help from the guys at Wallingford cycle in Louisiana!

Routes / Re: Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive input
« on: April 18, 2013, 08:40:00 pm »
Thanks pdlamb!

I do not have that book (YET), will get it this weekend!

Have been going over the route plan, and would like a bit more insight (probably in the book).
I will be at park camp grounds most nights. 

Where do you suggest to stay between:
 - Cherokee and Mt. Pisgah
 - Doughton Park and Rocky Knob (Mt. Airy?)
 - Suggestion in Roanoke?
 - Oronoco Campground around MP 48 off Rt 60 any good?

Usually I would just camp in a field, ya got me scared, those stopping points are deep in the parks!  I am more adventurous than computer savvy... lol.

Routes / Re: Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive input
« on: April 17, 2013, 09:33:22 pm »
We are planning to start our South to North on the 25th of May.  Any other reccomendations for camping locations?  How much trouble can we get if we need to camp and no campground is available? (ie - storm/medical/breakage)

Routes / Re: Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive input
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:15:43 pm »
We are planning on hitting it late this may, love the link, thank you.  Any tips?

Gear Talk / Re: MTB tires
« on: November 02, 2012, 03:09:57 pm »
Bringing this one back!!  YEA!!

Well, I

I was looking to buy the Schwalbe Marathon XR in something like a 26x1.5 ... I cannot find anyone who sells it!!  Any resources?

Also... I noticed some tires have different load capacities (usually in KG) What is the recommended?  I am guessing that the bike, gear and myself will be no more than 300 lbs total.

Gear Talk / Re: Tent fly
« on: September 13, 2012, 10:21:17 pm »
You can use a tape or aquaseal.

I am waiting for my tent poles to be repaired, then I am gonna schmear the entire bottom of my tent with aquaseal.  Too many pin holes to patch! Lol

Gear Talk / Re: Panniers and Racks
« on: September 13, 2012, 10:17:19 pm »
I have Tubus Tara and Cargo racks and Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus bags. I prefer the lack of shine on those bags. Durability is excellent. I find the inner pockets useful, but could get by without them. I do not recommend small front bags combined with large rear bags. Weight front and back should be equal, or more on front. I use four rear bags, two on front. I find the Bike Packer Plus bags just the right size. Wayne, The Touring Store, recommends against Bike Packer Plus rear bags on front. I disagreed with that recommendation, and have had no trouble over thousands of miles with my setup. I used to use an Ortlieb handlebar bag, but sold it after using it on part of one tour. I found I could do fine with just the four bags mentioned.
+1... just call The Touring Store.

Love my Tubus rack and Ortlieb bags!

Gear Talk / Re: BioLite Stove
« on: September 13, 2012, 10:14:39 pm »
It's straightforward arithmetic. Look at the milliAmpere-hour rating of the batteries. Multiply by 1.2 Volts to get their energy capacity in milli-Watt hours. Divide by 1000 to see it as Watt-hours. Guessing at 80% charging efficiency, divide by 0.80.

An example of two 1250-mAh AA batteries: 

    (1250 x 2) / (1000 x 0.80) = 3.125 Watt-hours capacity.

The stove at maximum continuous output delivers 2 Watts. 3.125 Wh/2 W = 1.5625 hours

This is a good ball-park figure, perhaps too optimistic on the charging efficiency and you ability to keep it going at max.


So with a few handfulls of twigs and a couple hours I can ensure my safety lights will have power!  I like that idea.  Now to find a scale and see how much fuel weighs the same as the stove for comparison.

Gear Talk / Re: BioLite Stove
« on: September 10, 2012, 05:52:14 pm »
That's for a completely empty iPad battery. I think this thing is intended for nothing more than mere trickles; you're just topping off your smaller devices like a headlamp or maybe a less than super smart phone. IIRC, even cooking for four or six people only meant the gas or alcohol stove was running for 30 minutes or so.
Anyone hauling an iPad isn't concerned with how many 2x4s they'll burn to keep it charged. .

The family version of the stove deals with some serious BTU-to-mW conversion, though.

I was thinking of being able to charge my head light/tail light, ya think that will be enough power for the few AA's?

Gear Talk / Re: BioLite Stove
« on: September 07, 2012, 08:39:53 pm »
Very good information!!

I was thinking about the established campsite issue. Solution to that would be to grab a couple bundles of twigs a minutes out.

Weight is defiantly a major concern, I am going to fill up my MSR bottles and weigh them.  The bioLite not needing to camp in fuel was a big point to me, need to see if that is worth it in weight.

Eastman - Let me know what your friend comes up with!!!

Gear Talk / BioLite Stove
« on: September 06, 2012, 08:38:40 pm »
I am thinking of replacing my MSR with a BioLite stove.  I have seen many opinions and a few factual reviews, but not from the bicycle touring community (usually back packers).  So, has anyone used it, and what do you think?

My initial thoughts...
1. kinda big/heavy
2. Smaller/lighter than MSR with fuel
3. Safer than liquid fuel
4. Can recharge bicycle light batteries (gooooood)
5. what if it breaks?
6. Same cost as new MSR.

Gear Talk / Re: Tubus Rack Mount - Advice Please
« on: August 24, 2012, 06:41:23 pm »
the tubus Longo EX racks fit perfectly on a Cannondale SL2.  with the ortlieb bikepacker bags i cant imagine needing much more than a water bag.

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