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Gear Talk / Another "what type of bike" question!
« on: October 20, 2012, 04:18:32 am »
Hi all, looking for a little advice.

I'm doing the Death Valley Loop (Van supported) in early March and I'm looking to purchase a bike that will do this and other relatively short (max 2 weeks at a time) cycle tours.
I need to add here, that I'm British and I'm flying in specifically to do this tour and will purchase the bike in advance in the US and will be looking to pack the bike up and get it sent back to England once finished.
I will also bring across my own saddle and pedals. I've been looking at the Cannondale Quick 3 - it seems to fit the bill in most aspects but I'm really interested to hear what others think / advise?
At home, I cycle regularly on and off road and I currently have a mountain bike and hybrid as I prefer the straight handlebars to drop. Also, I've never spent more than about $500/$600 on a bike, in fact one I bought for £250 (about $400) kept me going for years and is still going (I gave it to one of the kids).
Thanks in advance.


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