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General Discussion / Swiss Alpine Bike Tour 2012 - Photo Gallery
« on: September 18, 2012, 08:16:06 am »
Hello all,

Inspired by a short article in the Adventure Cycling Magazine last year, my girlfriend and I set out to ride the Swiss Alpine Bike Route just recently. This is a Mountain Bike route that traverses the Swiss Alps, starting in Scuol at the far east of the country, ending in Aigle near Lake Geneva. As we were travelling with loaded bikes, we ajusted the route in order to avoid a few high mountain passes and/or very technical sections that would have been either too hard or treatureous on loaded bikes. We extended the ride to finish in Geneva, from where we flew back to Montreal.

Route stats:
- 675 km (420 miles)
- 55 000+ feet climbing
- 16 days of riding; 2 days off/break

We had everything from very hot to very cold weather, fog, rain, and even snow. For lodging, we stayed in Youth Hostels, pensions (B&B) and small hotels along the route.

For those it may inspire to travel that absolutely beautiful area of our planet, here is a gallery of our best pictures:



Daniel Fortin, PREZ
Montreal (QC) Canada

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