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Routes / Pacific Cycle Route tour suggestions for visiting Brits
« on: October 16, 2012, 03:21:54 pm »
We're visiting friends in Reno and San Mateo next spring as part of 7 week trip to the US from Wolverhampton, England. Whilst in America we'd like to take a bicycle tour - ideally self guided for about 2 weeks. We've investigated the Pacific route and our simple options would be north out of San Francisco and therefore into the prevailing wind according to the guide or south and away from our general direction of travel. We're flying into San Francisco and home from New York, crossing the country by rail.

Basic questions - suggestions for a 500 -700 mile road tour on undulating rather than severe climbs.
Bikes... we don't really want to fly with our bikes, although as mine's a Marin it would be coming home, so we are looking into either hiring or buying and then selling or maybe even donating to a community project if they aren't too expensive. Any suggestions that could avoid us flying out our own bike?

Happy to offer UK tour advice in return, Sarah and Phil

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