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Routes / Hello to all riders on the northern tier
« on: April 14, 2013, 01:25:57 pm »
Hello fellow riders. We are a touring shop on the northern tier out side Republic WA.  We have been working on opening a small hostel just for cyclists but we are still held up in permits. So just like last year, cyclists are welcome to still camp and get a shower.  We will have a nice quaint trailer for folks to stay in as we'll.  There is a BBQ and fire pit for cooking, and bike stand with a few tools in case you want to check your bike over. We of course also have a full service bike shop as well. New for this year we will provide a "overpacked" mail home service from the shop. We will assist new tour riders in going over there gear and will have USPS flat rate boxes to send home extra items.  In the years past I've seen more over packed riders than under packed.  The shop is just 200ft off the route and the house is 800ft. Our family has a full service cafe with famous pancakes that the cyclists love before tackling the famous Sherman Pass.  We just ask that you give us a call, text or email before you arrive.  We had a ton of riders stay last year and hope to keep the tradition of being a part of your journey. Thanks, Craig. 509-207-9068. And of course like us on face book.

General Discussion / New Bike Hostel/repair shop on the Northern Tier
« on: November 10, 2012, 11:03:18 pm »
Hey All.  This is Craig from Far North Cycles (check us out on FaceBook) in Republic WA.  We are located on the northern tier route, just 800' off the trail.  We feature a full service shop, road side rescue, and camping.  Starting in early spring we will be adding a bunk house, a small cabin for couples, and a wash/cook/shower house.  Multiple tent sights will be available as well.  Just please give us a message or call in advance.  This last season we had a great collection cyclist's camp and had a great time.  If there are any suggestions or requests, dont hesitate to ask.  Thanks, Ride on.  Far North Cycles, 509-207-0222.

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