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Routes / Eastbound from Washington/Oregon
« on: December 06, 2012, 04:30:38 pm »
Planning a cross-country ride starting June 1, 2013, choosing a northern route. Our question: opinions/recommendations starting on the West Coast through Oregon and/or Washington comparing the Northern Tier, Lewis and Clark and Transamerica.
We are husband and wife 59 and 60 years, experienced touring bicyclists but never more than 10 days duration. Usually motels and inns but have done one week also camping. Medium fitness, but know the first few weeks may be tough. Never spent time in the Northwest.
So comparing those three routes balancing factors like safety, difficulty, and scenic potential advice is welcomed.  Which route has closer spaced towns? (coffee and tea stops!)Also, we hope to find places to stay as we go, maybe calling for reservations one or two days in advance -- is it possible that so many people start Transamerica in June that camping and motels may already be booked before we arrive?
Then, once we get to Montana same question about crossing Montana on north middle or southern route?
Last, we have read about the difficulties biking through North Dakota; is anybody using an alternate route up through Canada instead of the Bismarck reroute?
Looking forward to the feedback, Eric and Hilary

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